digital video

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digital video

(1) See DV.

(2) Video recording in digital form. In order to edit video in the computer or to embed video clips into multimedia documents, a video source must originate from a digital camera or be converted to digital. Frames from analog video cameras and VCRs are converted into digital frames (bitmaps) using frame grabbers or similar devices attached to a computer.

Uncompressed digital video signals require huge amounts of storage, and high-ratio real-time compression schemes, such as MPEG, are essential for handling digital video in today's computers. See D1, MPEG, DVD, digital nonlinear editing and DTV.

DIGITAL AND ANALOG INTERFACESDigital     AnalogVideo       Video DVI composite video HDMI component video SDIDigital     AnalogAudio       Audio S/PDIF analog audio TOSLINK
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Koby Huberman, Corporate VP Business Development and Strategic Alliances for NICE, commented, "We are already working closely with IBM on a variety of opportunities in both digital video surveillance and VoIP recording with several airports and banks.
For the network administrator in an IT organization, the addition of digital video data to a network infrastructure needs to be carefully planned.
Aox's digital video technology is also platform independent.
Our customers have already experienced the benefits that RGB's VIA technology brings to their deployments of advanced digital video services, including simplifying operation and management, reducing operational costs and expediting deployments.
With new WM Network Video Appliance Reflector capabilities, VBrick again extends the reach and availability of digital video to organizations virtually anywhere.
Casa Systems offers a new category of network edge devices based on disruptive technologies to target the growing market opportunity in interactive digital video and multimedia IP services.
The SeaChange Switched Digital Video Solution extends this experience to enable on-demand streams and broadcast channels to share QAM bandwidth, automatically distributing traffic based on usage statistics.
EtherneTV centralizes and simplifies digital video management and maintenance.
Prior to selecting a digital video solution, Edina's 4,000-title VHS tape library was cumbersome for both administrators and teachers, requiring the district to devote significant resources for delivering, retrieving, and cataloging VHS tapes.
Developers can begin evaluation and implementation of the Texas Instruments TMS320DM644x devices with the Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM).
Global ePoint's growth catalyst, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of digital video surveillance systems for the law enforcement, military, aviation and homeland security markets.
Our digital video recording system is ideal for financial institutions because it provides a robust application feature set with advanced search and alarm trigger capabilities, in addition to the dual-redundancy and large video storage capacity that is required in this market," commented Greg Edelman, VP of Business Development for the Perpetual Digital product line.

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