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1. of, relating to, resembling, or possessing a digit or digits
2. representing data as a series of numerical values
3. Electronics responding to discrete values of input voltage and producing discrete output voltage levels, as in a logic circuit
4. a less common word for digitate
5. Music one of the keys on the manuals of an organ or on a piano, harpsichord, etc.


(computer science)
Pertaining to data in the form of digits.


Common abbreviation for Digital Equipment Corporation.


A description of data which is stored or transmitted as a sequence of discrete symbols from a finite set, most commonly this means binary data represented using electronic or electromagnetic signals.

The opposite is analogue.


(1) Data in binary form. See digital format and binary.

(2) Years ago, Digital Equipment Corporation was commonly referred to as simply "Digital." See Digital Equipment.

(3) For centuries, digital meant the use of numbers, the term coming from digit, or finger. Today, digital is synonymous with computer and Internet activities.

Digital Also Means Perfect
Digital methods have caused a worldwide revolution in every facet of life. The 0s and 1s of digital data mean more than just on and off. They mean perfect copying. When information, music, voice and video are turned into binary digital form, they can be electronically manipulated, preserved and regenerated perfectly at high speed. The millionth copy of a computer file is identical to the original. While this has driven software and content publishers to distraction protecting their copyrights, it is nevertheless a significant advantage of digital processing.

Every day, trillions of data elements are uploaded to and downloaded from the Internet. Although errors can occur in transmission, when company records and financial data are sent, errors can be detected, and corrective measures are taken automatically by the communications system. See binary and error checking.
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The report further found that the ability to digitally transform and reimagine a business is determined in large part by a clear digital strategy supported by leaders who foster a culture able to change and reinvent their organizations.
Spain tops Europe when it comes to digitally archiving their most precious items with three quarters (78 per cent) of people surveyed solely archiving their photos digitally (14 per cent of whom store their entire photographic memories digitally) and half (49 per cent) house their favourite music digitally.
Moviegoers get the high-quality theatrical experience of Windows Media 9 Series while producers and distributors benefit from the cost savings associated with mastering and releasing films digitally,'' Fester added.
Our efforts to create a digitally printed battery has enabled Solicore to create yet another scalable printing process not only to meet any demand for volume that the market could require, but also to provide quick turnaround for custom battery design requirements", stated Dan Tillwick, COO of Solicore.
In a nutshell: Digitally cleaned-up version of Lang's 1927 sci-fi masterpiece boasts more original footage and clearly defined plot points than any restoration seen since distributors started butchering the film shortly after its Berlin premiere.
And as he often does with these pictures, he digitally tweaked the colors for maximum saturation, to almost hallucinatory effect.
You can receive broadcast-standard video digitally or by tape from this site.
In ``Tinker, Tailor,'' which aired in 1980 and has been digitally remastered for DVD, Guinness plays cuckold George Smiley, a semi-retired secret agent during the Cold War who is brought back to find a mole inside the Circus, the code name for the British Secret Intelligence Service.
By correcting common picture problems digitally instead of optically, Geo improves performance and reduces costs.
An inaugural collection of 6,000 digitally recorded educational titles, ranging from "Harry Potter" to "Systems of Psychotherapy: a Transtheoretical Analysis," will be added to RFB&D's unique collection of 91,000 accessible textbooks - the largest collection of its kind in the world.
The show was digitally broadcast to the school's 1,000-plus students later in the morning.