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diluters, both unit-to-unit and against a CVS tunnel, particularly in regards to their ability to provide
Tenders Are Invited For Hamilton Microlab 600 Diluters Medical Examiner,
In addition to high-pressure pumps and valves, it also makes pressurised cleaning units, chemical injection equipment and fume diluters.
But, of course, these are far from strained iambics, and it is not poetry of this quality that Pound is attacking; he attacks the diluters, the imitators, the Henleys, Brookes, the Georgians generally.
Through the application to the Arbitration Court, the Dunedin branch of the ASE sought to win from the MWA their machinists--those who were most likely to be used as diluters and they achieved this in the 1917 Award.
With the UV inks the conventional solvent is replaced by the monomers of low viscosity which act as diluters and which create the balance of rheology of prepolymer resin and give better pigment dispersion.
Automated liquid handling instrumentation, which consists of liquid dispensers, diluters and XYZ workstations, also make up a significant portion of the market.
Prior to the enactment of this amendment, trademark owners whose marks were diluted still prevailed over alleged diluters on the bases of unfair competition in general or on interesting judicial expansions of the trademark law.
1) Commentators who applauded the adoption of the Dilution Act believed that a dilution claim would now be easier to prove by trademark owners against diluters because trademark owners would not have to establish the troublesome factual issue of consumer confusion.
The CDBS also provides benefits relative to the batch diluters from blending precision, as well as a footprint perspective.