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From the passage they went into a large, dimly lit room adjoining the count's reception room.
Smith-Oldwick's first thought when he was accosted by the figure in the yellow tunic of a soldier was to shoot the man dead and trust to his legs and the dimly lighted, winding streets to permit his escape, for he knew that to be accosted was equivalent to recapture since no inhabitant of this weird city but would recognize him as an alien.
Before him stretched a long corridor, dimly lighted like the entrance.
Not old enough even to leave his father's grass roof and sleep in the youths' canoe house, much less to sleep with the young bachelors in their canoe house, he knew that he took his life, with all of its dimly guessed mysteries and arrogances, in his hand thus to trespass into the sacred precinct of the full-made, full-realized, full- statured men of Somo.
We entered a spacious hall with a low ceiling, dimly lighted at its further end by one small oil-lamp.
She then led the way to an arched recess on our right hand, beyond which I dimly discerned a broad flight of oaken stairs.
I wish I could convey to you the conception that is dimly forming in my own mind," Ernest said.
She looked at the expiring fire, and at the dimly visible figure of her companion seated in the obscurest corner of the room.
The shades were drawn, and the lights in many rooms shone dimly through them.
Lots of explaining and a few "this is a weird place, mum" comments later, we arrived at our hotel, a dive so dimly lit, apart from tacky neon-lilac strip-lights, that we could only see the erotic art strategically hung in dimly-lit corners.
Summary: Turkey will look dimly upon any attempt by Chelsea to lure their manager Guus Hiddink back to Stamford Bridge.
SIR - Entering any hotel across Europe we suddenly go from daylight into lifts that are so dimly lit that we can't even see the button, in our rooms the wardrobes are like looking into a black hole and the lighting in our rooms is so poor that it is almost impossible to read a book or the paper.