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the district under the jurisdiction of a bishop



in ancient Rome, originally (beginning in the first century B.C.) a municipal district; during the principate, part of a province. From the period of Diocletian, at the end of the third century A.D., the diocese was a large administrative unit including several (up to 16) provinces. A total of 12 dioceses (later 15) were formed. The vicarius, who was subordinate to the praefectus praetorio, headed the diocese.

In the Catholic, and in some Protestant, churches the diocese is a territorial-administrative unit (an eparchy) headed by a bishop.

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Picture by Hilary Pollard shows Wakefield Diocesan President and Almondbury branch member Cynthia Osborne outside Chester Cathedral with the banner on its last outing.
The annual report was released this month and has been posted on the diocesan website (www.
The decision rests with the Diocesan Chancellor, Judge John Griffith Williams QC, who presided at the court.
The letter says, in part, "We join our voices to those of so many others at this time, voices urging that diocesan priesthood now be open to married men as well as to celibate men.
Burns next considers broader national debates in which he traces the implications of the Diocesan Revival.
There are seven other active African American bishops in the United States; two are diocesan bishops and five are suffragan or assistant bishops.
Over the last eight (8) years, Tremont & Sheldon learned of the sexual abuses of the six priests involved in these claims and also obtained information regarding sexual abuse complaints made against at least seven other Bridgeport Diocesan priests, some of whom are still serving as active priests.
Sally Barnes, of Watch, which campaigns for greater female representation in the church, said the results from the diocesan synods showed more support than they had expected.
There, he presented his idea for mailing diocesan newspapers together with the national newspaper, then called Canadian Churchman.
Andrew Gehringer, diocesan director of vocations, and Fr.
We've closed the books on the 2008 campaign and it looks like we've done very well," said diocesan spokesman Raymond L.
Here the Diocesan Office, the Anglican National Education Office, Bishop's House and staff housing are sited around a central green space, with the offices for Anglicare - the diocese's initiative for social action which focuses particularly on HIV/AIDS education and care, literacy, youth and women's issues - situated opposite.