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the district under the jurisdiction of a bishop



in ancient Rome, originally (beginning in the first century B.C.) a municipal district; during the principate, part of a province. From the period of Diocletian, at the end of the third century A.D., the diocese was a large administrative unit including several (up to 16) provinces. A total of 12 dioceses (later 15) were formed. The vicarius, who was subordinate to the praefectus praetorio, headed the diocese.

In the Catholic, and in some Protestant, churches the diocese is a territorial-administrative unit (an eparchy) headed by a bishop.

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Poch said that he also differed with the Diocese of Los Angeles over the blessing of same-sex unions and said that he has complained to the diocese for years about statements he viewed as unorthodox.
Archibald says that every diocese should have an elected lay review board with real enforcement powers.
The diocese of British Columbia is mindful of the sacrifice made by the Diocese of New Westminster in its defence of not only property but our polity," Bishop Cowan wrote.
It said also that vocations are more likely to come from parishes that offer Marian and Eucharistic devotions, and from homes that actively foster vocations, but it did not discuss the effect of "cafeteria" Catholicism present in the clergy and religious of a diocese or religious community.
Bishop William Murphy became the ordinary of the diocese just last year, so the cases referred to in the grand jury report did not happen during his tenure.
With the arrival of the deadline Wednesday, Monsignor Timothy Thorburn, chancellor of the Lincoln Diocese, said of the bishop's order: ``The legislation still is in its full effect.
We're extremely proud to be partners with the Diocese of Cleveland in our effort to control healthcare costs and provide significant cost savings," said John Burry, Jr.
Under Church rules, the Bishop's approval or "canonical permission" was required to function within the Diocese.
and former director of stewardship and financial development at the diocese of Niagara.
Another noteworthy event was the establishment of a Catholic Chair at the University of Calgary for which the diocese paid $50,000 a year.
Several of the church's 110 dioceses refuse to ordain women, while others disagree with Bishop Jefferts Schori's more-liberal attitudes toward homosexuality.
Bishop Ingham's Vancouver diocese has discussed the issue for at least four years.