Diplomatic Corps

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Diplomatic Corps


the members of the diplomatic personnel of diplomatic missions stationed in a given country. In the narrow sense, a diplomatic corps consists of the heads of embassies and legations, who are in residence in a given country. In the broad sense, a diplomatic corps includes all individuals who have been given a diplomatic card by the state of residence, including attaches and sometimes even the personal doctors and secretaries of the ambassador.

In most states it is the practice for the head of a diplomatic mission to submit a list of individuals for whom diplomatic privileges and immunities are required. The protocol section of the ministry of foreign affairs registers this list and then periodically issues a list of all the members of the diplomatic corps. (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR publishes such an official list twice a year.)

The diplomatic corps usually has a senior member (the doyen or dean), who is senior by class and first in terms of the time he has served in the given country in a particular class of diplomatic representation. He instructs his colleagues on local diplomatic customs and heads the diplomatic corps. The seniority of the head of the representatives of a given class in the diplomatic corps is determined by the date and hour when he began to fulfill his functions. In practice, in the overwhelming majority of states, including the USSR, seniority is calculated from the time of the presentation of credentials. The diplomatic corps is not a political union or organization, and it fulfills only ceremonial functions. Collective actions of the diplomatic corps are possible only in ceremonial (protocol) questions.


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Meanwhile, Muna Maou-elainin, the wife of the Moroccan ambassador to Sudan, the dean of the diplomatic corps, Mohammed Maou-elainin, has expressed high thanks to the invitation of the president's wife, congratulating the Sudanese government and people on the inauguration of the President of the Republic, and thanked for the communication invitation which she described as characterized by the Sudanese tradition and is a launch for a fruitful meetings between the women of the diplomatic corps.
Neighbouring China has a strength of 6,200 diplomats -- India's diplomatic corps is oneeighth of this -- while France has 6,000 staff to manage its global affairs.
By counting the layoffs made in 2010, the total number of people working at the Bulgarian diplomatic corps will be reduced by 21% compared with their number as of August 1, 2009.
From diplomatic corps Doulat Kuanyshev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Jonathan Wutawunashe, Ambassador of Zimbabwe, Las Olofsson, Ambassador of Sweden, Andi M Ghalib, Ambassador of Indonesia, Shabir Peerbhoi, Ambassador of Lesortho, and Sidek Ali, Ambassador of Brunei are among the eminent personalities expected to take part in the championship.
An EU diplomatic corps furthers US interests - potentially - by helping to unify EU and US positions on hot button foreign policy issues.
BEIRUT: Ali Awaad Assiri, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Pakistan, who is also dean of the Saudi diplomatic corps, has been appointed as ambassador to Lebanon, Saudi media reported over the weekend.
Martin Borman and Klaus Stryker contact countrymen assigned to the German diplomatic corps in Seville.
14, 2003) the Vatican explained that the diplomatic corps of the Holy See does not merely issue statements on international issues.
The Brazilian diplomatic corps won early praise in Venezuela for resuming dialogue between the opposition and government and for engaging the United States on free trade issues.
Also, Worf's transfer to the Diplomatic Corps and Wesley Crusher's resignation from Star Fleet have both been ignored.
and its diplomatic corps via a responsive, technically refreshed and secure global DTS network," said Bob Kennedy, vice president of government enterprise services at CSC.