dipole moment

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Dipole moment

A mathematical quantity characteristic of a dipole unit equal to the product of one of its charges times the vector distance separating the charges. The dipole moment μ associated with a distribution of

electric charges qi is given by where r i is the vector to the charge qi. For systems with a net charge (for example, positive), the origin is taken at the mean position of the positive charges (and vice versa). Dipole moments have the dimensions coulomb-meters. Molecular dipole moments were previously expressed in debye units, where 1 debye = 3.336 × 10-30 C · m. See Dipole

dipole moment

[′dī‚pōl ‚mō·mənt]
(physical chemistry)
The vector sum of the bond moments in a molecule, a measure of the polarity of the molecule.
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The possibility of Interfacial polarization cannot fully ignored, when an external electric field in the frequency range used in the present study is applied, two changes take place; (i) charges with opposite signs normally accumulate on both sides of a cell membrane, the centers of these charges would separate in the radial direction, modifying the apparent dipole moments and (ii) certain macromolecules accumulated in the interfacial region would orient so as to reduce their potential energy (27-29).
Table-2: Dipole moment ( 0), polarizability (a0)and Static First Hyperpolarizability (AYvec) at Different Levels of a-M@n-acenes (M = Li, Na and K) salts (n = 1, 2 and 3)
In the same manner, the angles between the transition dipole moment vectors of an absorbing group and the chain axis were determined in polymers such as PMMA [13], atactic PSt [25], poly(styrene-acrylonitrile) [26], poly(vinyl phenol) [27], and poly(2,6-dimethyl 1,4-phenylene oxide) [28].
Hence, the role of the dipole moment of the source in the dynamics of neutral test particles is qualitatively analogous to the role of the angular momentum, albeit it induces corrections of higher orders in the multipole expansion of the effective potential.
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The standard model of particle physics predicts that atoms should have virtually nonexistent electric dipole moments, so finding one could mean that an undiscovered particle or force is at work.
where M is magnetization, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the magnetic dipole moment, v the velocity of the bunch of charges in the frame of observation, [gamma] = [(1 - [v.
The values of dipole moment MD obtained for 2- ME and 2-EE are [[mu].
Effect of External Electric Field upon Charge Distribution, Energy and Dipole Moment of Selected Monosaccharide Molecules.
R1234yf has all the strongly electronegative fluorine atoms on one side of the double bond, which results in a large dipole moment ([mu] = 2.
4] is then ascribed to the interaction of the molecule with the external microwave electric field through the dipole moment of the molecule, namely due to the Stark effect.
Results show that malealdehyde and its analogues have a larger dipole moment compared to fumaraldehyde and its analogues, as expected from a cis structure.