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The primary undersea sensor for the MH-60R Seahawk, the Airborne Low Frequency Sonar comes integrated with a dipping sonar system, which allows the aircraft to detect submarine activity and intercept underwater communications.
It is the only in-service dipping sonar with multi-frequency operation, allowing the system to adapt its performance to varying environmental conditions.
A A They include the L-3 Communications AN/AQS-18 active dipping sonar, Sea Skua all-weather anti-ship missiles and Seaspray Mark 3000, as well as a range of depth charges.
After finding what could be our target, we decided to unleash the MH-60 Romeo's dipping sonar.
The aircraft is configured to carry torpedoes and is fitted with state of the art pulse compression radar, low frequency dipping sonar, red-warning receiver and Doppler navigation system.
They are also capable of carrying torpedoes, fitted with sophisticated Pulse Compression Radar, Low Frequency Dipping Sonar, Radar Warning Receiver and Doppler Navigation System.
US examples hunt submarines with the AN/AQS-13F dipping sonar, and carry 14 sonobuoys.
It can easily adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances of highly dynamic operations where its small size allows it to be used as dipping sonar from ship decks, being fully operational within minutes of deployment.
The USV also can deploy a modified dipping sonar typically operated from helicopters.
VX-1's first major contributions to the fleet were scanning sonar, surface radar, helicopter dipping sonar and hunter/killer ASW tactics.
L-3's HELRAS is the highest performance helicopter dipping sonar in the world, featuring long range, deep and shallow water surveillance capability, even against stealthy diesel electric submarines.
Contract Awarded for The manufacture and delivery of airborne low frequency sonar helicopter dipping sonar systems