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(1) (DIR) (Digital Instrumentation Recorder) An earlier 19mm, helical-scan magnetic tape technology from Sony, earmarked end of life in 2004. Based on the D1 format, DIR was fast enough for sonar, radar and other high-speed data archiving. Cassettes came in 8.7GB, 43GB and 96GB capacities. Once a standard in the U.S. government, DIR was gradually replaced by LTO and SAIT technologies. See DTF, LTO, AIT and magnetic tape.

DIR Cassettes Were Huge
Next to the 4mm DAT cassette, the 96GB DIR cassette was enormous.

(2) (DIRectory) A DOS/Windows internal command that lists the file names on disk. Originating with the CP/M operating system, Dir is widely used by Windows programmers and power users. Following are various examples:
dir        names, date and size

 dir /w     no date and size

 dir /p     pause each screenful

 dir /ad    only folders

 dir *.     only folders plus files
             without extensions

 dir *.jpg  all files
 dir *.mp3   of a
 dir *.doc   certain
 dir *.exe   type

dir /o     folders, then files

 dir /oe    by extension a to z
 dir /o-e   by extension z to a

 dir /os    small to large
 dir /o-s   large to small

 dir /od    earliest to latest
 dir /o-d   latest to earliest

dir /ar    read only files
 dir /ah    hidden files
 dir /aa    files to be archived
 dir /as    system files

The following example finds all files named X.BAT anywhere in the C: drive, because the command is initiated at the root of the drive (C:\>):
     C:\>dir x.bat /s
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But Oedipus spurns the hypocrite, and invokes a dire curse on both his unnatural sons.
This done, she begged them in a kind of deep despair to drink; then laughed, then cried, then took a little sip herself, then laughed and cried again, and took a little more; and so, by degrees, the worthy lady went on, increasing in smiles and decreasing in tears, until at last she could not laugh enough at Miss Monflathers, who, from being an object of dire vexation, became one of sheer ridicule and absurdity.
Having been a psychotherapist for many years, I realized during my first jury selection that the introduction a lawyer uses in voir dire is much like the introduction I used at the beginning of a psychotherapy session.
Finally, public perception of the military justice system is logically connected to counsel-conducted voir dire from colonial times.
A dire opening period produced few chances until Riihilahti unleashed a rocket on 37 minutes.
I've always thought the "Dire" in Dire Straits said it all and it's very pointed that a group of people who love unearthing fossils chose Mark and the boys for their inspiration.
Dire predictions abound that artistic companies that thrived under the country's public support system could fail now that the plug is being pulled.
It turned out that Terence was an award-winning actor who harboured ambitions to be a musician - and who was a huge Dire Straits fan, hence his Sultans Of Swing video.
Dire Straits' own sticksman was Swansea-born Terry Williams.
8220;It is such an honor for the DBA Law Day Mock Voir Dire Program to receive this award from the State Bar's Local Bar Services Committee.
Dire Straits shot to fame after Gillett played Sultans Of Swing from the band's demo tape on his inf luential BBC Radio London show Honky Tonk in 1976.
Former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler joined around 2,000 students at the academic awards ceremony at the Stadium of Light.