direct cylinder

direct-fired water heater

A water heater in which the source of heat (gas, oil, or electricity) is located at the water tank–in contrast to an indirect water heater.
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Tenders invited for Vacuum operated, direct cylinder mounted chlorinator and spares as per annexure.
The engine features direct cylinder injection technology and twin variable valve timing in order to deliver high levels of efficiency, refinement, greater mileage and is even lower CO2 emissions.
0L V-6 (coded 3GR-FSE) has four valves per cylinder with dual intelligent variable valve timing as well as direct cylinder injection.
The clamping unit is of the direct cylinder type, while fast approaching is achieved by two cylinders.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of Direct Cylinder Mounting Type Chlorinator Up To 5 Kg/ Hr And As Per Specification.
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