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this contract is for the supply, installation and commissioning of two multipurpose rooms radiology, direct scanning detector large format - one on the site of Romilly sur Seine (10), and the other on the site Sezanne (51)
Fujitsu fi-Series Scanners Deliver EMC Captiva Cloud Functionality for Direct Scanning Control from Web-Based Applications
The Network Scan function allows direct scanning to any networked PC.
In addition to providing a direct scanning interface to Laserfiche repositories from Pertech scanners, BOLT Bridge can parse E13B MICR code data and populate Laserfiche indexes such as account numbers, routing, and amounts.
The solutions can handle the majority of document viewing requirements, including native file viewing, 3D CAD model viewing, direct scanning and clean-up of paper documents, as well as document markup and revision.
Like its companion scanner, the Astra 4400 announced in July, the transparency-capable Astra 4450 includes such advanced features as push-button copying and direct scanning to fax or e-mail, and easy OCR scanning for direct editing of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents.
With direct scanning, free Internet service and the inclusion of membership in ImageOL.
RagTime offers direct scanning via Photoshop Plugins or TWAIN.
Direct scanning into Geomagic Spark using hardware plug-ins for Faro([R]), Hexagon([R]) and Creaform (others to be announced)
With the new Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro feature, users will have a powerful set of tools to create, compile, and access information originating from a variety of source documents, whether by conversion or direct scanning.
The e-STUDIO2330c features the Toshiba next generation e-BRIDGE controller to provide multi-tasking abilities as well as the Easily Replaceable Unit design which supports direct scanning to, or printing from, portable USB memory drives.
HyperRight V4 builds on proven reliability and scalability, delivering many new features including direct scanning capabilities, enhanced multi-monitor support, improved performance and a richer user experience.

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