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1. (of government, decisions, etc.) by or from the electorate rather than through representatives
2. Logic Maths (of a proof) progressing from the premises to the conclusion, rather than eliminating the possibility of the falsehood of the conclusion
3. Astronomy moving from west to east on the celestial sphere
a. of or relating to direct current
b. (of a secondary induced current) having the same direction as the primary current
5. Music
a. (of motion) in the same direction
b. (of an interval or chord) in root position; not inverted


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

When a planet is moving from west to east in the natural order of the zodiac, it is said to be moving direct. Direct is the antonym to retrograde, which is the apparent movement of a planet backward through the zodiac.


A straight-line flight between two navigation aids, fixes, points, or any combination thereof. It is that portion of flight not flown on radials or courses of established airways. When used by pilots to describe off-airway routes, the points defining direct route segments become compulsory reporting points unless the aircraft is under radar contact. Also called direct flight.
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The contract is for the purchase of software services, for and under the direct supervision of the Employer, involving the production of applications and components as an integral whole.
Additionally, the rules include the direct supervision of a certified foreman to crews during an equipment move.
Maine's dental hygiene therapist may practice only under the direct supervision of a dentist who is licensed in Maine and through a written practice agreement signed by both parties.
Following the discovery of skeletal remains, Mannar Magistrate and also the District Judge Ananthy Kanagaratnam ordered the excavation at the grave site on 23rd December under her direct supervision and a team of forensic experts led by Judicial Medical Officer Vaidyaratne was brought in and the team used to be present during the excavation works.
The remote desktop capability enables operators to start running a sample, monitor its progress, adjust measurement parameters on-the-fly and analyze images and data in real-time, all while working on other tasks away from the instrumentation and without requiring direct supervision.
Lahore -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has called the entire record of Metro Bus Service project Lahore which is near its completion under the direct supervision of Chief Minister Punjab.
The 10 employees provide the services to the appx 600 accounts under the direct supervision of the owner.
Registered nurses in New South Wales can administer vaccinations under the direct supervision of a general practitioner.
Once licensed, direct supervision should be continued for a period of six (6) months, or a lesser time period if agreed upon by the newly licensed nurse and the supervising nurse.
These materials address issues related to jail administration, jail operations, new jail planning, managing inmate behavior, direct supervision jails, and jail standards and inspections.
The trade center is run under the direct supervision of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines.
Hioco would be responsible for the direct supervision of resource functions (operations, IT, finance) and the management of operational risk through the security and anti-fraud expertise team.

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