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With its innovative all-in-one form factor that eliminates the need for sub-ambient external cooling, the direct-coupled Christie CP4235-RGB utilises next-generation, pure red-green-blue direct-emitting laser technology that offers an unparalleled visual experience for the mainstream market.
The B series' hydrostatic drive system is direct-coupled to the engine, using tandem-mounted Eaton drive pumps and Sauer-Danfoss wheel motors.
When compared to conventional models, the direct-coupled milling motor reduces tool spindle acceleration time by 2/3 and diminishes vibration and noise by 1/2.
For example, the direct-coupled milling motor reduces tool spindle acceleration time by two-thirds and diminishes vibration and noise by one half.
Premature bearing and coupling failure in direct-coupled tandem applications is caused primarily by misalignment between shafts.
Young (2) offered a bandwidth contraction factor and a deviation of center frequency for direct-coupled cavity filters to predict the change caused by the frequency-dependent coupling structure using design graphs.
The three-model PET 5000 range has been developed as a complete package, incorporating silencer and filter, after-cooler, refrigerant dryer, air receiver, direct-coupled motor, all control systems and flexible connections for air delivery and cooling water piping.
This method can also be used when the motor is not direct-coupled, such as a motor-over-top arrangement.
Belimo the pioneer of direct-coupled actuators specializes in damper actuator and control valve technology for the HVAC industry.
Boge has launched three new models; the SLF101, SLF125 and SLF221 which now extends the direct-coupled range to 220HP.
Each engine is nestled within a car and ship C-channel frame, which is mounted with a rigid support plate on the end of the direct-coupled Twin Disc spread bearing clutch.
Booth 2492 The redesigned SPX32 offers a unique direct-coupled design providing the superior performance of a bare-shaft design in a compact direct-coupled pump.

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