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(cytidine triphosphate): see cytosinecytosine
, organic base of the pyrimidine family. It was isolated from the nucleic acid of calf thymus tissue in 1894. A suggested structure for cytosine, published in 1903, was confirmed in the same year when that base was synthesized in the laboratory.
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(1) (Computer Telephony Profile) See Bluetooth profiles.

(2) (Computer-To-Press) Printing directly from the computer. Since all common computer printers are essentially computer-to-press, this usage of the CTP acronym is more ambiguous than definition #3 below. It could refer to a large digital printer or to "on press" plate making (see DI press).

(3) (Computer-To-Plate) The production of printing plates directly from the computer. Also called "direct-to-plate," CTP is the digital replacement for the manual, time-consuming chemical processing that is performed when making plates from film. CTP is a stand-alone "off press" procedure, and the finished plates must be transported to and mounted on the offset printing press. The plates are mostly aluminum, but polyester, polymer and silicon are also used. For details about "on-press" plate making, see DI press.

Newspaper Plate Making
ECRM's Newsmatic machines are used in the newspaper industry for making large format plates. With capacities up to 340 plates, high-end models can produce up to 150 pages per hour at 2540 dpi. (Image courtesy of ECRM, www.ecrm.com)

Plate Making Methods
Although chemically developed CTP systems are an automated process, they still require chemical disposal and cleanup. Chemistry-free platemaking is the only environment-friendly CTP process. (Image courtesy of Presstek, Inc., www.presstek.com)

Chemistry Free
Presstek's Vector FL52 is a chemistry-free CTP system. A metal plate is inserted, thermally imaged, water-rinsed, ejected and press-ready in one step. (Image courtesy of Presstek, Inc., www.presstek.com)
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Prior to purchasing the Indigo press Allegra conducted extensive research into direct-to-plate technology and digital four color presses.
With our solution for Karat, EFI is now moving into supporting the market of the digital, direct-to-plate, full-production press," said Ghilad Dziesietnik, Vice President, Core Software Workflow Applications, EFI.
The Newsliner towers will include eight printing couples each, direct-to-plate water-down-first spray bar dampening and digital inking.
The Design Graphics, Pre-Press and Electronic Publishing category honored the MAGNITUDE as "a system that enables faster broadband delivery of shared -- and massive -- pre-press imaging files for remote direct-to-plate printing," said the June 1999 issue.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- The artwork for "Celebrity Skin," the new album from Hole, is the first gracing a major release to use a filmless printing technology known as direct-to-plate.
One contract calls for AGT to establish an on-site facility at Moore's Technical Publications location in Minneapolis; under the other, AGT will provide consulting and technology support for Moore's direct-to-plate printing operations in Minneapolis, San Diego and Albany, N.
They provide sizzling performance for I/O- and CPU-intensive tasks in the prepress industry, including RIPing, OPI processing, and direct-to-plate output.
In adopting direct-to-plate, Moore's facilities join the fewer than 10% of all non-heatset printers who have made the commitment to this fast and environmentally friendly technology.
Focusing on the high-end graphics and desktop publishing market, Xante offers systems for every printing application, from proofing and camera-ready art to direct-to-film and direct-to-plate systems, as well as wide format inkjet printing.
In the complex and varied markets it will serve, EPS is uniquely qualified in experience, training, and location to support our direct-to-plate offerings.
Brian Mahoney, STANFAST marketing manager, said, "The Charlotte STANFAST has everything the customer may need -- from a wide format poster maker to direct-to-plate offset capabilities.
APE's direct-to-plate system employs a special version of Presstek's PEARLsetter(TM) computer-to-plate digital, off-line platemaking product.