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1. a member of the governing board of a business concern who may or may not have an executive function
2. the person responsible for the artistic and technical aspects of making a film or television programme
3. Music another word (esp US) for conductor


Telephone switch which translates the digits dialed into the directing digits actually used to switch the call.
A parasitic element placed a fraction of a wavelength ahead of a dipole receiving antenna to increase the gain of the array in the direction of the major lobe.
Electromechanical equipment which is used to track a moving target in azimuth and angular height and which, with the addition of other necessary information from an outside source, such as a radar set or a range finder, continuously computes firing data and transmits them to the guns.


A 3D animation authoring and playback system for Windows and Mac from Adobe. Director is used to develop sophisticated interactive games and virtual worlds. Using a bitmap-based rendering engine and supporting myriad multimedia formats, including Flash, developers script their animations in JavaScript or Adobe's Lingo.

Create in Director, Play in Shockwave
Director source files use a .DIR extension and can be edited and run between platforms. For distribution over the Web, DIR source files are published to Shockwave files (.DCR extension) that are played in Shockwave Player either within the Web browser or from stand-alone applications.

Introduced by MacroMind in 1985 for the Mac as VideoWorks, it became MacroMind Director and finally, via mergers, Macromedia Director. A version for Windows was later developed, and Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005. See Shockwave, Shockmachine, shocked site, SWF and Flash.
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The trailer of the Suresh Triveni directorial features the Indian National Award-winning actress as housewife Sulu, who lives with her husband and son, and tries to add spice to their lives.
New York [US], Sep 03 ( ANI ): Actor-director George Clooney recently talked about his latest directorial 'Suburbicon' and said his latest directorial is an angry movie for an angry country - his own and is inspired by Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
Before he was appointed deputy director of PRO-7, Lawas served as chief of the Lapu-lapu Police Station, head of the Regional Intelligence Division, and chief of the directorial staff of the PRO-7.
Meanwhile, the TVD fans can recall that Paul Wesley made his directorial debut in "The Vampire Diaries" Season 5.
Ashutosh, meanwhile, is also in talks with Akshay Kumar and Abhishek Bachchan for his next directorial projects.
The footnotes to this New Cambridge text record performance variations and directorial decisions from a range of productions dating from 1601 to 1990.
Aamir Khan Productions upcoming flick 'Secret Superstar' is all set to launch Advait Chandan, who will be making his directorial debut with this film.
Summary: The actor is currently busy between his directorial debut 'Poster Boys' and shooting for 'Golmaal Again'
Taking over Apolinario's erstwhile post as chief of the directorial staff is former head of the PNP's Directorate for Personnel Police Director Fernando Mendez Jr.

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