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1. a member of the governing board of a business concern who may or may not have an executive function
2. the person responsible for the artistic and technical aspects of making a film or television programme
3. Music another word (esp US) for conductor


Telephone switch which translates the digits dialed into the directing digits actually used to switch the call.
A parasitic element placed a fraction of a wavelength ahead of a dipole receiving antenna to increase the gain of the array in the direction of the major lobe.
Electromechanical equipment which is used to track a moving target in azimuth and angular height and which, with the addition of other necessary information from an outside source, such as a radar set or a range finder, continuously computes firing data and transmits them to the guns.


A 3D animation authoring and playback system for Windows and Mac from Adobe. Director is used to develop sophisticated interactive games and virtual worlds. Using a bitmap-based rendering engine and supporting myriad multimedia formats, including Flash, developers script their animations in JavaScript or Adobe's Lingo.

Create in Director, Play in Shockwave
Director source files use a .DIR extension and can be edited and run between platforms. For distribution over the Web, DIR source files are published to Shockwave files (.DCR extension) that are played in Shockwave Player either within the Web browser or from stand-alone applications.

Introduced by MacroMind in 1985 for the Mac as VideoWorks, it became MacroMind Director and finally, via mergers, Macromedia Director. A version for Windows was later developed, and Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005. See Shockwave, Shockmachine, shocked site, SWF and Flash.
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A CEO, with board advice, should determine how much time, if any, to devote to outside boards with the understanding that outside directorships are a form of extended company service.
There is also increased debate as to how many non-executive directorships any one person should hold.
Half of the boards have introduced and/or added minority directorships during those five years.
The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) is the advocate for the profession of directorship and is focused on advancing exemplary board leadership.
NACD Directorship 2020 helps directors see beyond the horizon to anticipate and prepare for market shifts that may dramatically impact the strategies of their organizations.
FHLB Dallas supports diversity in the make-up of its Board and encourages diverse individuals who meet eligibility requirements to consider applying to be a nominee for open independent directorships.
He had a great many directorships and I don't see how that can be excused.
Directorship is the leading publication and website for board directors on issues of corporate governance, compliance, boardroom best practices, and shareholder/proxy matters.
The 2013 NACD Directorship 100 honorees have demonstrated a commitment to advancing exemplary board leadership in their organizations and in the corporate governance community," said NACD President and CEOKen Daly.
BOSTON -- CalPERS CEO Fred Buenrostro, selected as the most influential player in corporate governance by Directorship magazine, will address the 8th annual Directorship Institute on December 11 and 12 in New York.
Vice Chairs Robert Hallagan and Stephen Mader Named to NACD Directorship 100
When German choreographer Uwe Scholz accepted the artistic directorship of Leipzig Ballet in 1991, it was the opportunity to shape an ensemble from the ground up that had proved most attractive.

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