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Web white pages

websites that provide searchable databases of individual e-mail addresses and other "people-finding" tools. They typically include residential telephone numbers and street addresses. However, unlike phone company white pages, there is no single source for this information, some of them charge a small fee, and you may have to try several sources. There is no guarantee that a person's e-mail address is available in any of these directories. Following are some of the popular white pages sites. See Web yellow pages and Web search engines.






    www.555-1212.com (fee-based)

    www.ussearch.com (fee-based)
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Ballantine publishes directory listings through their Directory Plus Division for Southwest Colorado, San Juan County and Grants & Gallup New Mexico.
You may have recently received an email request asking for your company's updated directory listings for the Blue Book, Materials, Compounding Ingredients, Machinery and Services for the Rubber Industry.
Premium Microsite Directory Listing is a leap forward over current static directory listings for Companies that want to harness the power of social networking, media, and real time information.
Directory listings contain complete contact information for all member firms and a brief description of the company's production specialties and services provided.
Worldwide Computer Products News-8 March 2000-Glenn Alcott Software launches program for printing directory listings (C)1995-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
com, a leading resource for the invoice factoring industry, announced today it is offering free directory listings for account receivable factoring companies.
The company, which originally gained popularity in Europe by limiting search and directory listings to regional results only, today unveils Ezilon Search (http://search.
The new revenue stream will come from selling sponsorships, space ads, enhanced directory listings, and custom marketing efforts.
Based on the patented Voice Search Engine technology used for carrier automated directory assistance, SpeechAttendant Large Enterprise Edition provides fast, accurate voice access for enterprises with 25,000 or more directory listings.
New technology also will allow customers to get more than the usual two directory listings per call from the directory assistance operator.
Forty percent of mobile searches involve directory listings for contact information, trailing only searches for maps/directions and ringtones/games/graphics(1).
With a single IP connection and feature server, customers can access 360networks VoIP platform and receive an a-la-carte menu of services, such as inbound and outbound local calling, e911 services, directory listings, local number portability, operator services, caller name services, directory assistance and domestic LD termination.

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