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(1) An ancient Arabian silver coin equal to 2.97 g of pure silver. Minted from 695 A.D. The dirham was used by the Arabs in their trade with foreign countries, including ancient Rus’ from the ninth to the 13th centuries.

(2) A change coin used in Iraq, equivalent to 50 fils or 1/20 of a dinar.

(3) A monetary unit in Morocco, equivalent to 100 Moroccan francs. According to the rate of exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR as of Jan. 1, 1971, 100 dirhams are equal to 17 rubles, 78 kopecks.

(4) A unit of measurement of precious metals used in Egypt and Sudan, equivalent to 3.12 g.

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DUBAI: Conglomerate Dubai Investments may look to raise up to 1 billion dirhams ($272.
8 billion dirham in the same year accounting for 30.
Buying a pack of Chips Oman from the grocery store is still the best one dirham item.
7mn dirhams compared with 428mn dirhams a year ago, taking full year provisions to 1.
In addition, it was followed by a presentation that highlighted the procedures related to the financial settlement of the e Dirham system G2.
Abu Dhabi Investment House (ADIH) made a net profit of 260 million UAE dirhams ($71 million) last year, an 18 per cent year-on-year increase from 2007.
035 billion dirhams compared with 803m dirhams a year ago and revenue rose to 2.
The company, which completed a three-pronged financing package to repay a $2 billion-equivalent Islamic bond earlier this year, made a profit of 212 million dirhams ($57.
Total assets at the company stood at 10 billion dirhams at the end of last year, a 2 percent fall from the 10.
Summary: King Mohammed VI laid, Monday in Oujda, the foundation stone of a psychiatric hospital and inaugurated an orthopedic and physiotherapy center, worth 32 million dirhams (1 dollar = 7.
According to Morocco's exchange rate monitoring body "Office des Changes", the Chinese exports to Morocco have recorded, over the past five years, a sustained increase from 11 billion dirhams in 2006 to more than 20 billion dirhams in 2009.
Two analysts forecast average profit of 144 million dirhams, according to a Reuters survey last month.