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(1) An ancient Arabian silver coin equal to 2.97 g of pure silver. Minted from 695 A.D. The dirham was used by the Arabs in their trade with foreign countries, including ancient Rus’ from the ninth to the 13th centuries.

(2) A change coin used in Iraq, equivalent to 50 fils or 1/20 of a dinar.

(3) A monetary unit in Morocco, equivalent to 100 Moroccan francs. According to the rate of exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR as of Jan. 1, 1971, 100 dirhams are equal to 17 rubles, 78 kopecks.

(4) A unit of measurement of precious metals used in Egypt and Sudan, equivalent to 3.12 g.

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2 million dirhams for the number 1 license plate in Abu Dhabi, a record for the country.
1 billion dirhams in the first three quarters of 2015 with capex reduced by 43 percent, he added.
6bn dirhams total buying by Pakistanis in 2013 and 2014 stood at 16.
Buying a pack of Chips Oman from the grocery store is still the best one dirham item.
076 billion dirhams in a Reuters poll earlier this month.
Emaar values its 48-percent stake in Amlak at 724 million dirhams.
He underlined that 188 billion dirhams were mobilized for public investment.
These units and their subsidiaries are expected to achieve sales worth 620 million dirhams this year, up from sales of 400 million dirhams in 2011, Dubai Investments said in a statement.
26%, while the average trading volume decreased from 4 billion dirhams to 3.
Whereas institutional investments in June have reached 151 million Dirhams
Les investissements en travaux ont totalise 3 138 millions de dirhams au 30 septembre 2015 en ligne avec les objectifs du Plan.
Net profit in the second quarter reached 585m dirhams, an increase of 45pc from last year.