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(1) See assistive technology.

(2) Turned off. Not active. "Disabled" does not mean broken or in disrepair. It typically refers to software that has numerous options, or features, that are selectable by the user. If the option is disabled, which is often indicated by the lack of a check in a check box, that function is no longer active.

With regard to hardware, the term may refer to a normal operation or one a bit more severe. For example, one might flip a switch or move a lever to disable a function, or pull the plug out of the wall socket, or in a more extreme case, open the device and pull out or cut wires. Contrast with "enabled," which means "turned on" and active.

To Do or Not to Do
Disabling and enabling options in software are typically done by clicking check boxes. The top function is not active, while the bottom one is.
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We must all work to break down the barriers, both physical and those of attitude, to ensure disabled people have equality of opportunity to work and play their full role in society.
Chairman of board of Kuwait Disabled Sport Club Shafi Al-Hajri, in a statement to KUNA, said the disabled people needed real support from all segments of the society namely executive and legislative authorities.
Another message marking the day came from Parliament Speaker Cemil Ecicek, who pointed out that the disabled should face no problems when benefiting from their basic rights such as access to education, health facilities and employment opportunities.
I became disabled on January 1 1982, due to a road accident, and have found the services for getting the disabled back into work totally inadequate.
We should never forget a future possibility of becoming disabled individuals in life, Yildirim said.
Trailblazers, a campaigning group for young disabled people run by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, believe disabled people and their non-disabled peers deserve exactly the same chances at finding employment, but statistics show that:.
Asked about the low number of disabled people helped so far, Hanifa said this was due to a lack of awareness among relatives of the disabled.
Coordinator of the project, Doha Yahfoufi, explained that the new project was aimed at integrating disabled individuals into the Lebanese economy and society.
The CNA report focused on lump-sum compensation, rather than monthly disability pay, for veterans rated 10 percent or 20 percent disabled by the VA.
The purpose of IDEA is to (1) assure all disabled children of a free appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs.
Indeed, the Internet is an invaluable resource for disabled gay youth.

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