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(1) See assistive technology.

(2) Turned off. Not active. "Disabled" does not mean broken or in disrepair. It typically refers to software that has numerous options, or features, that are selectable by the user. If the option is disabled, which is often indicated by the lack of a check in a check box, that function is no longer active.

With regard to hardware, the term may refer to a normal operation or one a bit more severe. For example, one might flip a switch or move a lever to disable a function, or pull the plug out of the wall socket, or in a more extreme case, open the device and pull out or cut wires. Contrast with "enabled," which means "turned on" and active.

To Do or Not to Do
Disabling and enabling options in software are typically done by clicking check boxes. The top function is not active, while the bottom one is.
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Meanwhile, almost one in five disabled people are unable to afford multiple basic items like household bills or the cost of adequately heating their home.
Since I am disabled, I can better understand the sufferings and miseries of other persons with disability and so I have decided to open Niaz Disable Organisation for disabled persons of FATA, said Niaz while addressing a press conference here.
The Minister outlined a number of schemes, which are helping support disabled people to maintain or gain new employment, at a UK Government Disability Confident Employers Event in Cardiff.
The disabled people play a major role in all domains in Kuwait.
Work to address the problems of our disabled citizens is being carried out determinedly.
But I, being a disabled man of 30 years, would also like to counter some of the points she raised as well as complimenting her on a number of those points made as well.
Speaking at a symposium held in Ankara on the problems faced by disabled individuals and possible solutions, Minister Yildirim said that we should not forget the disabled individuals and those with a possibility to become disabled ones.
Shocking figures from The Employers Forum on Disability show the poverty rate for disabled adults in the UK is 30%, double that of non-disabled UK adults.
Samir Hanifa, head of the You Are Not Alone Department at the Disabled Children's Association, said the organization had been holding such meetings since 2004 and so far found jobs for 200 disabled youths over the age of 18.
According to the secretary of the Disabled Union, Hassan Mroue, "Had the activity been political or religious, we would have drawn a larger crowd.
The organization is authorized to represent, raise and collect funds for the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization, which runs the Beit Halochem Centers in Israel and represents over 50,000 disabled Israeli veterans.
19 testimony, Violante told the commission that "there are no good answers" to the "complex and perplexing questions" that a lump sum program for disabled veterans would present.

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