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A language for writing theorem provers by Carl Hewitt <> MIT 1967. Never fully implemented.

CONNIVER was an outgrowth of PLANNER and microPLANNER a subset. PLASMA is a PLANNER-like system modelled on Actors. See also POPLER, QLISP, Scheme.

["PLANNER: A Language for Proving Theorems in Robots", Carl Hewitt, Proc IJCAI-69, Wash DC, May 1969].


The person and/or professional in architecture or interior design that deals with the layout, design, and furnishings of spaces within a proposed or existing structure, according to the requirements of the client.
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Clinical decision making for discharge planner in psychiatric settings.
The discharge planner may thus find him- or herself in an untenable situation, pushed to act faster, given fewer options, and expected to give patients and their families at least the sense of meaningful participation in decisionmaking.
Requiring the hospital discharge planner to release the patient's medical record electronically to the nursing center prior to the referral.
Medicare beneficiaries, family members, caregivers, hospital discharge planners, and clinicians can report problems, concerns, and feedback about this bidding system by calling a toll-free number, 1-888-990-0499, or by visiting the website: www.
This is a highly-structured voluntary program designed to educate patients in the disease of addiction and to prepare them for rehabilitation, in a multi-disciplinary setting, where doctors, nurses, social workers, counselors and discharge planners work collaboratively.
This newly created position further enhances the MSC offering in Catastrophic Care by partnering with nurse case managers, adjusters and discharge planners, providing a clinical expert as a resource to educate and assist customers in achieving our mutual goals of helping the injured worker.
The technology can help healthcare institutions reduce length of stay and help discharge planners do their job more effectively.
CarePoint provides a smooth patient transition from the hospital to home by collaborating with the hospital, physicians, discharge planners and home health agencies to assure accuracy of the care planning process.
Another positive is that the program has improved community and public awareness about the type of care provided in our facility and has promoted positive relations with physicians, family members, hospital discharge planners and community members.
Of the 75,000 plus Americans that have accessed the site in just the past three months, an estimated 25 percent of users are discharge planners, case managers and other healthcare professionals who are using the free resources on MyZiva.
Services are provided by psychiatrists, specialty physicians, nurses, masters-level therapists, discharge planners, and other professional staff dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors.
Our case managers work closely with hospital discharge planners, and personal care attendants work directly in the community.

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