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The process of studying the layout of spaces within a building or other facility, or installations in open spaces, in order to develop the general scheme of a building or group of buildings. Also, the establishment of the project activities and events, their logical relations and interrelations to each other, and the sequence in which they are to be accomplished


1. The process of studying the layout of spaces within buildings and of buildings and other facilities or installations in open spaces in order to develop the general scheme of a building or group of buildings.
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Comprehensive Discharge Planning for Hospitalized Elderly: A Pilot Study.
Effects of a discharge planning program on Medicaid coverage of state prisoners with serious mental illness.
Patients who have complicated discharge planning needs have increased length of hospitalizations (Evans et al.
Full content of both discharge planning booklets is available on NAC's Web site at www.
Recent nursing home reform legislation (the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987), however, eliminates previous Medicare and Medicaid utilization review and discharge planning requirements for long-term care facilities.
Ramsell provides solutions for pharmacy benefit management, 340B program management, medication therapy management and correctional applications for discharge planning and community supervision.
RightCare Solutions believes that evidence-based technology can empower nurses, discharge planners, and case managers to revolutionize the discharge planning process.
The integrated hospital discharge planning team at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton was awarded the accolade from North Yorkshire County Council's Social Services department.
For more than a century discharge planning has been a part of the practice of social work as well as nursing.
26, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Utah-based TruClinic and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Utah announced a joint agreement which enables HealthSouth to utilize TruClinic's telemedicine technology for discharge planning and continued communication via a hub and spoke system, connecting patients with their health care providers.
Under administrative services shall be deemed contact with citizens, preparation of discharge planning, discharge reports, registration lists, revision of the outline of the tanks location on the ground relative to buildings, etc.
The additional LMHP hours provided an opportunity to develop a discharge planning program for the inmates.

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