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com, offers CalCPA members discounted rates on credit card processing enabling them to reduce costs when accepting credit card payments.
This year, the insurer is bringing discounted access to acupuncture, massage therapy and yoga therapy to its members though a network packaged by Consensus Health Corp.
Is the discounted rate less than what the reimbursement would be under the state Medicaid program?
First McGraw used 13 comparable REITs discounted at 9.
When using the DCF method, it's imperative that the discount rate and net cash flow being discounted are consistent.
Vital Savings by Aetna is not insurance; rather, it gives consumers access to a network of participating providers that have agreed to offer health-related products and services at a discounted fee.
11 (2005), the Tax Court considered for the first time whether IRAs could be discounted for estate tax purposes.
NYSE: PNX), a leader in innovative life insurance products and the first insurer to offer discounted premiums for non-smokers, has become the first U.
For living taxpayers seeking to use FLPs for discounted gifting, two recent Tax Court cases presented situations in which the court valued discounts to be applied to transferred limited partnership interests.
com visitors can review up-to-date information on federal and state tax benefits for hybrid drivers and enjoy other community incentives, such as discounted or free parking, and can share their stories as "hybrid travelers.