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a disgorging operation, done in the production of bottled champagne to get rid of yeast sediment.

In order to reduce the losses of carbon dioxide and wine, the sediment in the neck of a bottle is chilled before disgorgement. The master disgorger quickly uncorks the bottle, which has been turned neck down, and the sediment is expelled together with the cork by the pressure of the carbon dioxide. Then the bottle is returned to a standing position; a dose of liqueur is added, and the bottle is corked again. Disgorgement is carried out on a special apparatus known as a dégorgement machine.


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References in classic literature ?
If only some hand," he remarked, "could plant dynamite below that streak of white, so that the sea could disgorge its dead
Firms will be held to account if they fail to minimise financial crime risks appropriately and for this reason the FCA has required Barclays to disgorge its revenue from the transaction.
Sebi orders 10 entities linked to Raju to disgorge more than ` 1,800 crore worth of illegal gains made by them
It also prohibits them from making any other misleading or unsubstantiated health claims about a product or service, and requires them to disgorge $3,930.
The noise in the market starts in the early hours of the morning when fishermen arrive at the docks and disgorge their catch.
Canada should therefore be required to disgorge the benefits it has received as a result of its misconduct.
14 million dollars for 2016 while Sain and Christopher Williams together introduced just 260,000 dollars and since Sain has already been paid $170,000 in finder's fees, he would have to disgorge 157,000 dollars, which he had taken without authority.
Ciccone must pay $100,000 to the OSC in addition to disgorge of $15.
The storm's slow forward movement means that its rain clouds should have more time to disgorge themselves on any cities in their path.
Although Darrell and Irene Lainhart agreed to disgorge all their shares of CTIC, the shareholders' meeting did not turn out to be a Lainhart-free zone.
The subsidiaries, Scott Lines and Brian Lines, a former LOM executive, agreed to disgorge profits of $1,277,403 plus accrued interest of $654,918.
Wales has never ceased to be a country since times immemorial and it must take back that right and disgorge the term principality down into the gutter from whence it came.