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an electrically operated machine for washing, rinsing, and drying dishes, cutlery, etc.



a machine for washing dishes. Dishwashers were introduced in the last quarter of the 19th century. Modern dishwashers may be commercial or domestic, all-purpose or specialized, and continuous-action or cyclic-action. The machines clean dishes with a jet spray or with brushes. Two kinds of dishwashers are currently available: the compartmental type and the open type. In compartmental machines the dishes are washed with a jet of water or detergent solution at a temperature of 30°-6O°C; open machines clean the dishes with water or a detergent solution that is applied by brushes or other mechanical devices.

All-purpose cyclic- and continuous-action dishwashers are the most widely used in the USSR (for example, the commercial machines MMU-250, MMY-500, and MMU-1000; the domestic Straume machine). Many machine models automatically maintain the necessary water level in the tub, water temperature, and detergent concentration.


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