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an electrically operated machine for washing, rinsing, and drying dishes, cutlery, etc.



a machine for washing dishes. Dishwashers were introduced in the last quarter of the 19th century. Modern dishwashers may be commercial or domestic, all-purpose or specialized, and continuous-action or cyclic-action. The machines clean dishes with a jet spray or with brushes. Two kinds of dishwashers are currently available: the compartmental type and the open type. In compartmental machines the dishes are washed with a jet of water or detergent solution at a temperature of 30°-6O°C; open machines clean the dishes with water or a detergent solution that is applied by brushes or other mechanical devices.

All-purpose cyclic- and continuous-action dishwashers are the most widely used in the USSR (for example, the commercial machines MMU-250, MMY-500, and MMU-1000; the domestic Straume machine). Many machine models automatically maintain the necessary water level in the tub, water temperature, and detergent concentration.


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Five questions related to dishwashing practices (hand versus machine dishwashing), the consumption of fermented foods and foods purchased direct from farm, home cooking practices and duration of breastfeeding were posed.
Almost 93 per cent of women surveyed expressed the need for a dishwashing liquid which cares for their hands while not compromising on cleaning.
Recently BASF rolled out Trilon M Granules, Second Generation (SG), a new solid version with better handling and processing properties, especially for production of automatic dishwashing (ADW) tabs and powders.
lt;strong>Morning Fresh</strong>&nbsp;is the most popular brand of dishwashing liquid, purchased most often by 24% of household grocery buyers in the year to December 2010.
Phosphorus was banned from many detergents years ago, and many people assumed that meant phosphorus had been banned from their dishwashing detergent, as well.
Szumlas (2002) documented avoidance behavior and toxicity to German cockroaches when sprayed with Dawn Ultra[R] dishwashing liquid.
Some manufacturers predict accelerated growth in light-duty containers for dishwashing liquid.
Regarding the article on dishwashing detergents [Habitat, August 2004] I have been using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in my dishwasher for several years now.
According to the company, these combat glass corrosion--surface scratching caused by frequent dishwashing at high temperature, which makes glass look permanently cloudy--and last for up to 50 washes.
Nassif said the company approached dishwasher liquid in the same manner as its other cleaning products and tested it against major brands of dishwashing liquid "We have to be as good or better in performance; otherwise we'd never sell another one.
4) no caption (Thyme's Home Keeping Collection dishwashing detergent)
1) Pour a drop of dishwashing liquid into the other saucer.