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an electrically operated machine for washing, rinsing, and drying dishes, cutlery, etc.



a machine for washing dishes. Dishwashers were introduced in the last quarter of the 19th century. Modern dishwashers may be commercial or domestic, all-purpose or specialized, and continuous-action or cyclic-action. The machines clean dishes with a jet spray or with brushes. Two kinds of dishwashers are currently available: the compartmental type and the open type. In compartmental machines the dishes are washed with a jet of water or detergent solution at a temperature of 30°-6O°C; open machines clean the dishes with water or a detergent solution that is applied by brushes or other mechanical devices.

All-purpose cyclic- and continuous-action dishwashers are the most widely used in the USSR (for example, the commercial machines MMU-250, MMY-500, and MMU-1000; the domestic Straume machine). Many machine models automatically maintain the necessary water level in the tub, water temperature, and detergent concentration.


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The acquisition brings a number of important benefits to the food equipment division of Enodis, principally the extension of its product offering with the addition of a leading range of dishwashing machines.
Washmatic is an Indian company that fabricates and supplies quality assured industrial grade dishwashing machines and related accessories.
Gradual growth in living standards, continual urbanisation and the high rate of households with several family members, including children, will lead to an increase in the use of dishwashing machines over 2015-2020, as people will wish to save time and have effective dishwashing methods.
They included Taylor Ice Cream Machines, Vitamix Blenders, Turbo Air Refrigerators, Menu Master Microwave Ovens, Schaerer Espresso Machines, Dometic Minibars, Jiffy Steamer and Winterhalter dishwashing machines.
Included in the range is the CitroClean all purpose cleaner for walls, floors, pots and pans; the Citro Gel oven cleaner and degreaser for ovens, grills, and greasy floors; Citro Lime limescale remover for dishwashing machines, heating elements and rust stains; and the CitroBac multipurpose sanitizer to kill bacteria and prevent cross contamination.
Est for 5 years,this Chemical company provides all kind of detergents/sanitizers for dishwashing machines in the restaurants including products to clean the floors ,pots and pans etc.
It is Europe's biggest manufacturer of dishwashing machines, and the Dillingen region's most important employer.
A Lady writing to The Times in praise of dishwashing machines states: "I am so fond of mine that I have been married to him for nearly 50 years.
Using the five-digit product coding system, there are at least six such exchange groups -- commercial cooking and food-warming equipment (35891); automic vending machines (35811); commercial refrigiration (35853); soda fountain and beer dispensers (35859); dishwashing machines (35892); and restaurant cafeteria and bar furnishings and fixtures (exclusive of the equipment already listed) (25992).
1), household electric kitchen appliances refer to dishwashing machines and clothes or linen washing or drying machines, household type, electric or non-electric; other small electric domestic appliances (including vacuum cleaners, kitchen waste disposers, food mixers, shavers, hair dryers, smoothing irons, coffee makers and toasters); electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters; electric space heating apparatus and soil heating apparatus; ovens; cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters.
The usage of dishwashing machines is not as high because consumers continue to eat out often.
USPRwire, Sun Aug 30 2015] Even though dishwashing machines are available in the country, the possession rate was only 2% in 2014.