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With the industry's transition from tape to disk based backup solutions, ATS will be able to benefit new and existing clients with more reliable, less costly data backup and recovery options.
Diligent's ProtecTIER platform with HyperFactor technology gives us a new, smarter and more economical way to deploy disk based data protection solutions and provide a single platform for continued managed data protection services for our customers.
The SC6 represents a key element in Adtron's Managed Reliability Technology product philosophy by providing hard disk based, nonstop storage operation within a single slot of the CPCI rack," said Alan Fitzgerald, president of Adtron.
Powerful Software Application Automates Multivendor Disk Based Replications for "Instant Restore" and Repurposing of Critical Business Data
now offers flash memory or hard disk based mass storage on a single slot VME 6U plug-in card.
Designed For High Performance Disk Based Backup, NovaDisk
NovaStor Corp announced that IBM Corp has chosen their NovaDisk SE disk based backup software for their new Travelstar-E removable hard drive system.
performance by accelerating printer disk based fonts.
Font Accelerator uses a unique customer profile to significantly enhance printing performance for users who use printer disk based fonts.
27, 1997--XANTE Corporation today introduced Font Accelerator, XANTE's new technology that greatly enhances printing performance by greatly accelerating printer disk based fonts.
XANTE's Font Accelerator uses a unique customer profile so that professionals such as service bureaus and graphic artists who use printer disk based fonts regularly will experience a boost in font performance level up to 80%.