disk plow

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disk plow



farm implement employing a row or rows of concave circular steel disks that cut and pitch the soil in a way somewhat similar to a moldboard plowplow
or plough,
agricultural implement used to cut furrows in and turn up the soil, preparing it for planting. The plow is generally considered the most important tillage tool.
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. It can be used in many situations where the latter will not work, such as dry crusty soil, rough ground, or sticky gumbo. The one-way disk has essentially replaced other plows in areas where wind erosion of the soil is a problem as it can work the soil without turning it completely over, thus leaving the stubble on top for protection. This type of disk can also be fitted with attachments for seeding small grains.


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disk plow

[′disk ‚plau̇]
A plow consisting of a number of disk blades attached to one axle or gang bolt; used for rapid, shallow plowing.
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A much larger version of this tool is the disk plow intended for primary tillage, but its use has declined considerably.
AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (NYSE: AGCO), a Fortune 500 company and worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, announces the donation of a Massey Ferguson 435 with a disk plow and disk harrow to the Plant-A-Seed Foundation.
AGCO donates a Massey Ferguson 435 tractor with disk plow & harrow to support the Kabale Trinity College in Uganda, Africa thru Plant-A-Seed Foundation.