disposal unit

waste-disposal unit

waste-disposal unit
An electric-motor-driven device for grinding waste food and disposing of it through the plumbing drainage pipes; may be installed without a grease trap in a residence.
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The Cannabis Disposal Unit tweeted: "We sniffed out 106 #cannabis plants that were found in a basement.
THE army bomb disposal unit rendered safe a hand grenade yesterday, it has emerged.
A bomb disposal unit was called in on Tuesday to destroy the weapon when it was found on Dolau Beach in New Quay.
PESHAWAR -- The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak paid a visit to the Shuhada Memorial of Bomb Disposal Unit and formally inaugurated the Police School of Explosives Handling in Nowshera on Monday.
PESHAWAR -- The Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) of Khyber Pakhtunkwa is engage in defusing a suicide jacket which the suicide bomber failed to blow and scores of hand grenade seized from the Imambargah Imamia.
As a precaution the bomb disposal unit attended, carried out checks on the liquids and removed them from the premises.
SSP West, Irfan Baloch said that bomb disposal unit was immediately called on the information of a suspected unclaimed bag found in a rickshaw near Bakra Peri in Orange Town, which on search a bomb weighing 10kg was found and defused.
The explosive substance was removed from the dorms and officers from a military explosive disposal unit carried out a controlled explosion at Exhibition Park in the early hours of last Tuesday morning Assistant chief constable Jo Farrell said: "A number of items were seen in the bedroom which gave cause for concern and we implemented our well established response plans which included an evacuation of the building and implementation of safety cordons.
We'd like to install a waste disposal unit - can they be incorporated into an existing sink or do we need a new one?
Another resident said: "I just saw the bomb disposal unit.
Families were then told to leave their homes and not allowed back for eight hours as a thorough examination of the package took place, before the Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit judged it was not a threat.
The bomb disposal unit (BDU) personnel were on their way to the Sheikh Mohammadi village on the outskirts of the city to defuse another bomb there, a local police official told reporters at the scene.