dissimilar air combat training

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dissimilar air combat training (DACT)

Air combat between two different types of aircraft. The term is used for training missions in which an “adversary aircraft” has performance similar to that of the expected enemy aircraft.
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4) Therefore, dissimilar air combat training (DACT) became a mandatory part of a pilot's mission-qualification and continuation-training program.
17, 1999--Cubic Defense Systems, the pioneer and leader in the development of air combat training systems, achieved a technical breakthrough recently when it merged data from dissimilar air combat training systems into a post-mission debrief for "Commando Sling," a joint training exercise between the U.
Mixon, commander of the 497th Combat Training Squadron, said, "ACMI integration with the RSAF provides a superb tool for maximizing the training value for each and every Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) sortie.