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1. (in England before 1926) the reversion of property to the Crown in the absence of legal heirs
2. (in feudal times) the reversion of property to the feudal lord in the absence of legal heirs or upon outlawry of the tenant
3. the property so reverting



in civil law, the legacy of a deceased person that does not go to his heirs. An escheat may occur if up to the day of the donor’s death there are no heirs by law or will or if none of the heirs accepts the inheritance or if the heirs are deprived of the inheritance by the will. If in the absence of heirs the will does not dispose of all the property, the unwilled part of the inheritance is recognized as the escheat.

Under Soviet law, the escheat goes to the government according to the right of inheritance. The state becomes the owner of this property, based on evidence on the right to inheritance given by a notary’s office up to six months from the day of the donor’s death. The government, in the person of local financial officials, assumes responsibility for the debts of the donor to the limit of the value of the property. Property that reverts to state ownership in this way is turned over to state, cooperative, or social organizations for appropriate use.



The assumption of ownership of property by the state if no other owner can be found.
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Dissimilarities involved in the regression model expressing the differences of team members in how to design individual goals linked to the general aspects of life.
In the first phase, they identified similarities between two sentences, while in the second phase the dissimilarities were classified with respect to their relevance in deciding the presence of paraphrase.
However, in this case the algorithm uses distance matrices of dissimilarities as opposed to the confusion matrices of similarities.
It is important to recognize, however, that there are numerous significant dissimilarities between our two countries.
The editors aim to link global prison trends with global social, economic, and political denominators, to produce broad generalizations where possible, and to illuminate historical and cultural dissimilarities that make comparison impossible.
Dealing with comparable variations in the pictorial narration of the Passion, Derbes examines the similarities and dissimilarities of Italian and Byzantine cycles.
Contrast refers to dissimilarities that are nearly opposites: black and white, man and woman, or child and adult.
Conversely, gross dissimilarities existed between the soil on the shovel and that collected at the residences, effectively eliminating those are s as possible sources of the soil.
Mean ratings of the importance of decision variables involved in purchasing clothing indicated some similarities and dissimilarities between the two cultures.
While there are significant dissimilarities between the traditions, Catholic spirituality affirms much of what is at the heart of the Shaker faith.
After a couple of decades of research on creativity, we can now say that different forms of endeavor show different patterns, which exhibit unexpected similarities and dissimilarities.
Schmidt reaches this verdict because her statistical assessment of the similarities and dissimilarities in style between the four texts yields inconclusive results, although four texts are not perhaps a large sample for comparison.