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In comparison to other normal LEDs, the Lodestar Series is able to maintain not only the heat dissipation function, luminous efficiency and right color rendering in 90 Celsius ambient temperature, but also top dust and water protection rating; IP68, to ensure the Lodestar Series is the best lighting solution choice for harsh environments and industrial locations.
i] represent kinetic energy, potential energy, a dissipation function and appropriate generalized non-conservative forces respectively.
Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Dissipation Function and Generalized Non-Conservative Forces
1]--the dissipation function of outriggers and the ground; [[PHI].
s], and dissipation function [PHI]--a function of derivatives [[?
For the simplification of the initial expression of potential energy [PI] and dissipation function [PHI], auxiliary coordinates are introduced.
On the base of the analytic (literal) expressions of kinetic energy, potential energy, dissipation function and generalized forces included in Lagrange equations of second type, the literal or numerical expressions of transfer functions included in the structural diagram are generated in the computer-aided way.
The rate of dissipation function is associated with the irreversible nature of crystallization.
Thus we have shown that by choosing an appropriate dissipation function, it is possible to obtain Avrami's equation.
The dimensionless viscous dissipation function [[Phi].
Among the most frequently used are the extrema, the distributed and integral measures of velocity, strain and stress patterns, and the energy dissipation functions.
For the sake of brevity, the present discussion is limited to the dissipation functions.