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The situation is analysed by looking into the current O&M spending, on the one hand, and by assessing the maintenance needed for the provincial canal irrigation systems and distributaries, on the other.
He also directed the officers of Irrigation Department to strengthen the embankments of canals and distributaries and to ensure de-silting of different regulators so that water could be supplied up to the tail- end.
The water has been released in other minors and distributaries of Hala Division from August 28 and will continue till September 5.
The branch canals feed several distributaries and minors connected to farmers' watercourses through irrigation structures called moghas.
In a briefing of Irrigation Department's officials at the Commissioner House here, he asked the XEN Drainage to complete desilting of canals and distributaries for draining out rainwater.
The distributaries are in the jurisdiction of Nara Canal Area Water Board.
The natural source is being denied to the growers getting water for irrigation from Hoosri and Miano distributaries as well as people who need water for drinking, Aurangzeb Khan maintained.
Tenders are invited for Providing CC lining of Distributaries D -62, D-63, D-65,D-66,D-69,D-71/A, D-73,D-74,D-76,D-78,D-79,D-81, D-82,D-84,D-85 D-87, D-89, D-90, D-91 and D-92 of TLBC and its Sub Distributaries(Reconstruction of Structures) and Improvements to service roads of Distributaries No.
According to a hand out, Raja Riaz said that the rehabilitation of Shahiwala and Tarinda distributaries and Fordwah and Qaim Canals was done with Rs.
Tenders are invited for Providing cc lining (with/without mechanical paver) including improvements/reconstruction of structures in selected reaches of distributary 32(salunda pick up)& sub distributaries 31/4,31/3/3,31/6,31/8,31/9,32/9,32/14,32/15,32/18 & 32/19 of distributary no.
Tenders are invited for Providing CC Lining (With/Without Mechanical Paver) including improvements/reconstruction of Structures in Selected reaches of Distributaries -17,19,20,21,22,25,27,28 & 29 of Sub Distributaries 17/13,17/14,17/16,19/2,19/2/1,21/7,20,22,23A,23A/1,25/2D,25/10,25/11,25/12 & 25/7A,27,28,29,31,31/3,31/3/4,31/4,31/4/1 of Distributary No.

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