denial of service attack

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denial of service attack

An assault on a network that floods it with so many requests that regular traffic is either slowed or completely interrupted. Unlike a virus or worm, which can cause severe damage to databases, a denial of service attack interrupts network service for some period.

Distributed Attack
A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack can employ hundreds or even thousands of computers that have been previously infected. The computers act as a network of "zombies" working together to send out bogus messages, thereby creating huge volumes of phony traffic.

In 2016, the Dyn DNS system was hammered by a DDOS attack that caused sporadic slowdowns of major sites such as Twitter, Netflix and The New York Times. The zombie traffic reached more than 100 gigabytes per second of bogus messages. See botnet, smurf attack, SYN flood attack, land attack, teardrop attack and Ping of Death.

It's Not a New Phenomenon
In February 2000, computers were activated that had been previously hacked and planted with illicit programs. The unending number of requests caused a denial of service at Yahoo, eBay, and other websites. (Article headline courtesy of the Philadelphia Inquirer.)
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As it is a distributed attack, it is very difficult to see where the threat is coming from as the cybercriminal will likely be using public systems they have compromised to carry out the attack.
According to the company, the solution allows for rapid response on dynamic and complex security threats; provides single-screen visibility into the health of the IPS infrastructure; assigns business context to security event and alerts when a distributed attack is threatening critical assets.
In a distributed attack, the hackers commandeer unwitting systems across the Net to blitz the victim site with high volumes of bogus traffic from multiple points.
A distributed attack uses several computers - or "zombies" - to hit the target.
In the wake of a new distributed attack, changes may have to be made in modules at many (if not all) levels.
Proactively alerts when a distributed attack is threatening critical assets
With the technical solution BGP Anycast, which allows F Root Name Servers to be replicated, a distributed attack would have a limited effect on those users with access to the replicated Root Name Server.
Distributed attack floods can be proactively thwarted before applications and servers are overwhelmed and disabled.
Distributed Attack Networks - In 2002, distributed attacks will likely go beyond denial of service attacks.
When a DoS attack is identified, either from a single source or multiple sources as in a distributed attack, the hacker defense technology stops the attack traffic from overloading the targeted Web server and generates an administrative alarm.
Reports on reducing cyber-threats such as automated and distributed attacks (botnets), building international cooperation on cybersecurity and supporting the growth of the country's cybersecurity workforce are also on the list.

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