distributed load

Distributed load

A load distributed over the surface; unless otherwise described, it is usually considered uniformly distributed.

Distributed Load


in structural mechanics, a load that is distributed continuously over a given area or along a given line. A continuous load may be uniformly distributed, that is, have a constant intensity, or it may vary according to some other pattern, for example, linearly or quadratically.

distributed load

A load which acts evenly over a structural member or over a surface that supports the load.

distributed load

A load that is not concentrated on a point but distributed over an area.
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The focus is on the development of deeper understanding of the unsteady aerodynamics phenomena in combination with the operation of the distributed load control devices in wind turbines and on the evaluation of the benefits of using advanced models and controllers in the predictions of aeroelastic simulations.
In work it was put problem of comparison of different approaches for calculations of deflections of simply supported castellated beam, loaded with distributed load (Fig.
Summary: Only a bomb with a distributed load weighing at least 2,500 kilograms and elevated at least 50 centimeters could have produced the crater and damage found after the explosion which killed former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, according to an Argentine expert testifying before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.
The CECONY Distributed Load Response Program (DLRP) pays a monthly capacity reservation payment per specified capacity (kW) that organizations pledge to reduce when called.
By studying the adjustment factor a value, that according to Latvian national annex is invariable for tandem system and uniformly distributed load, it is found that it is considerably dependent on both the bridge span length and width of the roadway and on the road category.
The girder may be subjected to concentrated loads or uniformly distributed load on the entire span.
HP has already written three: the Virtual Cloud Network application, Sentinelsecurityand a distributed load balancing application co-developed with CERN.
t]--a modulus of elasticity and a membrane thickness; a--a half of a roof span; q--a uniformly distributed load on a roof; [f.
Key features of the new version included elastic cloud scalability; augmented data security and privacy options; augmented text analytics originality; and enhanced mathematics package, distributed load processing and mobile computing support.
The technology we're deploying today is delivering permanent distributed load reductions at the point of use, saving customers millions of dollars and eliminating the expensive utility infrastructure and transmission costs that are associated with traditional sources of electricity.
The modeling of the foundation soil and determining the depth, to which traffic loads cause tensions and deformations in the embankment, required the study of tension distribution in the foundation soil in the areal problem, assuming a uniformly distributed load in the semi-space between tire and road surface.

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