distribution board

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distribution switchboard

An electric switchboard used to distribute power within a building; enclosed in a metal box which includes circuit breakers, fuses, and switches.
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Built up units include Ex distribution boards, control stations and motor starters, all supplied to European standards EN 50014 and EN 50018.
The expansion program increased the company's production capacity by 200 per cent, helping GDS make strong headway in domestic and international markets of main distribution boards, sub main distribution boards, motor control centres, feeder pillars and street lighting panels, synchronising panels, and other custom-designed panels.
BB'' ADSL high-speed Net hookup service, has been demanding that its engineers be allowed to change wiring connections at the main phone-line distribution boards at NTT West's switching stations to which the phone lines of all NTT West subscribers are linked, if subscribers apply for the group's ADSL service.
com) has announced the addition of The European Distribution Boards Market to their offering.
17 million) to supply low voltage switchboards and AC distribution boards for Phase 1 of the Red Line of the world-acclaimed Dubai Metro Project.
The device network monitors low and middle voltage distribution boards and manages changeover and isolation relays in the event of a power loss requiring back-up power generation.
B) Repairs/Reconditioning Of Distribution Boards And Power Supply Distribution Cables For Staff Quarters Of Lonavala And Igatpuri Depots
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation & commissioning of Thermoplastic Polycarbonate Weatherproof Distribution Boards with electrical components as per bill of materials for replacement of damaged metallic Distribution Boards installed at WTP-II area 500MW CSTPS Chandrapur.
In place of point-to-point wiring and distribution boards, the distribution server uses standard commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet networks and proprietary digital compression technology to distribute video from a radar source to any number of display stations.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication , inspection , testing and supply of single phase and neutral distribution boards with accessories a) 4 way b) 8 way c) 12 way, Fabrication, inspection, testing and supply of three phase and neutral distribution boards with accessories as per technical specification and as per the following.
Tender notice number : AJ-48469, POWER DISTRIBUTION BOARDS
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