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Finally, seventeen divergent sequences, representing each of the families/taxa were selected to study the specific regions of positive vis-a-vis negative selection.
Amino acid composition: The frequency of the amino acids was calculated in each of the 17 divergent sequences and graphically represented as heatmap.
Another phylogenetic tree was constructed using the seventeen divergent sequences, each representing a class/ order, for comprehensible interpretation (Figure 4) of the previous result.
The analysis for codon-based test of purifying selection for analysis between all the divergent sequences indicated that the null hypothesis of strict neutrality (i.
The apparently higher levels of variation found among ORFs within genotype M is mostly caused by the comparatively divergent sequences obtained from Pteropus vampyrus (NiV/MY/BA/2010/MY; accession no.
Assay 1 (Table 1) was replaced by assay 2 (Table 2) after the characterization of additional THV strains indicated divergent sequences.
Divergent sequences between multiple overlapping contigs in these 6 regions indicated at least 2 different strains.
Primers directed to more divergent sequences, such as the dsb gene, should be utilized in place of, or in addition to, 16S rRNA gene PCR (14).
The most divergent sequences differ by 24 nt (A/NT/60/68/29C vs.