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Chiefly Brit an official detour used by traffic when a main route is closed



in hydraulic engineering, the set of structures that draw water from a river or reservoir, transport it to a hydroelectric power plant, pumping station, or other installation (supply diversion), and also remove water from such installations (drainage diversion).

Two types of diversion are distinguished: nonpressured (canals, nonpressured tunnels, and chutes) and pressured (pipelines or pressured tunnels). Pressured diversions are used when there are significant fluctuations in the water level at the place of intake or drainage. With small fluctuations in level (1-3 m), diversions may be of the pressured or nonpressured type; the type is selected on the basis of technical and economic calculations, taking into account the natural conditions of the area. The water flow velocity in diversions varies greatly depending on the type (1.5-2.5 m/sec for canals and 2.5-6.0 m/sec for tunnels and pressured pipelines). The length of modern water lines for diversions reaches several dozen kilometers, and their carrying capacity is more than 2,000 m3/sec.


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i. The process of proceeding to an alternate base because of weather or any other reason.
ii. A change made in a prescribed route for operational or tactical reasons.
iii. A rerouting of cargo or passengers to a new transshipment point or destination or to a different mode of transportation prior to arrival at the ultimate destination.
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will start on the carriageway, southbound diversion put in closures"Let's see how many more accidents occur on the bends between Kenilworth and Balsall Common.
Michigan State Universitys Data and Evaluation Team has been evaluating the progress of the jail diversion pilots through a series of studies that began in 2015.
An integrated plan has been prepared for the traffic diversions in both directions of Shaikh Rashid and Shaikh Khalifa Streets.
In this practicum, we focus on pretrial diversion by providing some general characteristics of pretrial diversion programs in the United States, recounting the history and extremely limited use of pretrial diversion in Alaska, and then presenting the findings from a recent assessment of the Municipality of Anchorage's pretrial diversion program.
The Chairman NHA while expressing satisfaction on the overall progress issued instructions to the concerned NHA staff and the contractor M/s SCORE (FWO) to ensure foolproof safety of the people travelling along the project area especially the diversions.
Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said: "The engineering design of the temporary diversion conforms to the standards of permanent roads specifications in terms of engineering design, levelling, asphalt and sufficient lighting consistent with the designed speed of the road to ensure the safety of road users.
Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, said: "The RTA has prepared a comprehensive plan for the traffic diversion on the Shaikh Rashid Road to ensure a smooth flow of traffic for the safety of road users.
8226; By attending this presentation, the learner will be able to describe the impact of diversion by healthcare personnel on patient safety goals and quality of care
Summary: larsen & toubro (oman) Is sHowIng tHe way to ensure safety durIng roadwork tHrougH Its HIgHly skIlled team wHICH Has desIgned and ConstruCted more tHan 500 safe traffIC dIversIons says HarsHawardHan jagam, Head - eHs of l&t In oman.
3 weeks West Dyke Road Redcar Rail Crossing to Wilton Street Highway improvements - Road Closure Diversion via Kirkleatham Street, Coatham Road, Millbank Terrace.
Construction works will start on the bridge on Al Wasl Road in the direction of Abu Dhabi, once the traffic movement is shifted directly to the traffic diversion," she added.
The work under the Phase One of the main traffic diversion on Al Wasl Road near Safa Park will be completed soon and the diversion is expected to be fully opened by the end of the month, said the RTA in a statement.