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Chiefly Brit an official detour used by traffic when a main route is closed



in hydraulic engineering, the set of structures that draw water from a river or reservoir, transport it to a hydroelectric power plant, pumping station, or other installation (supply diversion), and also remove water from such installations (drainage diversion).

Two types of diversion are distinguished: nonpressured (canals, nonpressured tunnels, and chutes) and pressured (pipelines or pressured tunnels). Pressured diversions are used when there are significant fluctuations in the water level at the place of intake or drainage. With small fluctuations in level (1-3 m), diversions may be of the pressured or nonpressured type; the type is selected on the basis of technical and economic calculations, taking into account the natural conditions of the area. The water flow velocity in diversions varies greatly depending on the type (1.5-2.5 m/sec for canals and 2.5-6.0 m/sec for tunnels and pressured pipelines). The length of modern water lines for diversions reaches several dozen kilometers, and their carrying capacity is more than 2,000 m3/sec.


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i. The process of proceeding to an alternate base because of weather or any other reason.
ii. A change made in a prescribed route for operational or tactical reasons.
iii. A rerouting of cargo or passengers to a new transshipment point or destination or to a different mode of transportation prior to arrival at the ultimate destination.
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Gone are Moore's past films' diversionary meandering into minor details, along with his self-aggrandizing bullying of hapless receptionists and middlemen.
UNC leader Basdeo Panday dismissed the reports, saying diversionary tactics were being employed by the Government to distract public attention from its current problems.
In each Australian state, various laws and administrative guidelines have built on this discretion, introducing diversionary options such as police cautioning for young people (Seymour, 1988).
THE Tories hit back at Blair's attack on their party last night, branding it a pathetic diversionary tactic.
Operations manager for the Quality of Life project, Richard Walters, said: "These are diversionary activities during half term but also help to build skills for the future.
Second, cues exist, such as "presence of marksmen," "sound of a diversionary device," or "availability of a hiding place.
Read metaphorically, it aptly indicates the prospect of losing one's way among the meanders and thickets of an oeuvre that is both diverse and diversionary, for while Gillick's practice to date has encompassed a wide range of media and activities (including sculpture, writing, architectural and graphic design, film, and music) as well as various critical and curatorial projects, his work as a whole is also marked by a fondness for diversions and distractions, tangents and evasions.
Residents wanted to go beyond `more bars, more locks, more lights, to diversionary activities for young people'.
I said then that the paper plant was a Trojan Horse, a diversionary tactic, which would distract attention away from what was actually going on until it was too late.
The government objected vehemently to Microsoft's filing of an offer of proof as mentioned above, and referred to it as a cynical ploy calculated to raise diversionary issues on appeal.
That ridiculous "investigation" of the two whistleblowers is exactly the diversionary farce that Umansky described.
There are attractive diversionary gadgets on the walls, pleasant furnishings and plenty of age-appropriate activities.