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The Wilson brake alone without the Diverter installed did a very good job of taming the recoil of my pseudo-SBR.
Solidified or 'freezing' sulphur is the primary cause of unreliable operation of tail gas diverter valves because elemental sulphur tends to condense and collect on the inside of the pipe, packing and bearing surfaces in the SRU tail gas piping.
In the past we've used ceramic lightning diverters, which are high-maintenance items: Once one has diverted a strike, it must be replaced, meaning after every storm someone has to walk around the fence looking for diverters needing replacement.
The rotary diverter would be pneumatically rotated and positioned to flow the material from the hopper into one of four day bins above the four line mixers.
The Saia-Burgess HVAC airflow diverter platform operates with the lowest noise in a wide range of torque and speed.
It is obvious that the screw has to be partially filled or the diverter cavity would be overcome with polymer, which would block the opening.
The PIG(R) Suspended Ceiling Leak Diverter is designed to help catch leaks from roofs or leaky equipment stored on upper floors.
The Series 400 Ball Belt uses patented technology to simplify mechanical systems in diverter applications.
The Diverter has been developed to catch blood clots before they travel to the brain.
The separator utilizes a 6" diameter inlet, a sensing ring, air operated diverter chute, a bottom flange, a discharge adaptor, separate electrical control box and three feet of flex hose with hose clamps.
Crewmembers immediately took safety precautions by closing the vessel's diverter system.
13 automatic lines for the handling of carry-on baggage in the security gates of the terminal T3 at Fiumicino Airport, with diverter system Storage suspicious and automatic recovery system tray.