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The dicumyl peroxide (DCP), styrene (St), divinyl benzene (DVB), xylene and acetone, as the initiator, functional monomers and the solvents respectively, were purchased from Chengdu Kelong Chemical Regent Co.
The HPLC system was calibrated for each pigment with commercial standards, namely, chlorophyll a, b provided by Sigma Co; chlorophyll c2, chlorophyll c3, peridinin, 19-butanoyloxyfucoxanthin, fucoxanthin, 19-hexanoyloxyfucoxanthin, diadinoxanthin (DIAD), alloxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, divinyl chlorophyll-a and [beta]-carotene provided by VKI, Denmark.
Even when intravenous alternatives became available, the technique was kept alive by rapid-onset, short-acting anaesthetics such as ethyl chloride, divinyl ether and cyclopropane.
Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC): The molecular weight of the polymers was determined by GPC (Varian-Prostar, Model-410) equipped with an auto sampler (100 [micro]L), refractive index (RI) detector, and mixed bed (60 cm) column of poly divinyl benzene.
Although this works for many monomers, styrene and divinyl benzene, alone or with a porogen, are preferred.
D x100mm) containing strong acidic cation exchanger resin (styrene divinyl benzene copolymer with sulphonic groups).
A gel permeation chromatograph (Model 500, Analytical Scientific Instruments, USA) with a refractive index detector (RI2000, Schambeck, Germany) and two Jordi gel divinyl benzene mixed bed (Jordi FLP, USA) columns were used to measure the molecular weight relative to the polystyrene standards at 30[degrees]C.
Fukuda, "Nitroxide-Controlled Free-Radical Copolymerization of Vinyl and Divinyl Monomers.
In an alternative embodiment, the polymer comprises vinyl functional polydimethyl siloxane, and preferably high molecular weight methyl divinyl siloxane, with or without phenyl substituted siloxane.
For backbone, styrene divinyl benzene (SDB) was preferred over silica gel because it is more rugged, less sensitive to pH changes, and possesses a higher capacity.
occur in the divinyl (DV) form, namely 8-desethyl, 8-vinyl chlorophyll a (chl [a.