division bar

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muntin, 2
muntin, 1
1. A secondary framing member to hold panes within a window, window wall, or
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In case 1, it can be seen that high surface pressure fluctuation regions and high mean velocity regions are overlapping on the rear end of the front pillar and on the division bar of the quarter glass and it causes high ENPD distribution in such regions.
The glass guide channel appears on the side windows of the windows while the division bar is used to divide the glass on the windscreen.
Hill brings with him more than 10 years coaching experience in every division bar the Premiership.
I lost my captain before the season started and the best right-back in the division bar none.
His victory over Matthew Hatton with Leonard in the country showed he is ready to take on any in the division bar Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.
Despite that 4-0 defeat at Ninian Park, Wolves' defensive record remains better than every team in the division bar the leaders.
Programme Best value for money programme in any division bar none.
Futch, 85, is rated the best judge of the heavyweight division bar none.
We carry a variety of storefront systems (pressure wall and seamless mullion systems, thermal and non-thermal flush glazing lines), a wide variety of tubular members (bar stock, angles, channels, sheets and panels) and an array of sash and division bar.
None of the others have played in the Premier Division bar a couple of appearances at the end of the 2009 season.
Wolves have now played everyone in the division bar Saturday's opponents Norwich, and McCarthy is confident they have nothing to fear heading into the New Year.
Lee insists that Wolves' record stands up to any team in the division bar runaway leaders Charlton Athletic and with three wins and a draw to show from their last three meetings with Blues, they go to St.
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