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/do'koh/ 1. (In-house jargon at Symbolics) A documentation writer.

See also devo and mango.

2. (UK) A short technical document. A "doco" is often not the documentation passed to management.

Compare doc.
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Founded in 1959, DOCO Regional Federal Credit Union has four offices, 60 employees and $58 million in assets.
Doco always maintained he would take me out for a drink as one of my long kicks set up his goal - I have recently died of thirst.
What I mean is that ABC docos and current affairs continue to generalise about simplistic trends learned from 1970s sociology -- running trains down well-worn tracks when many of us want to explore the interesting tangle of back lanes and clear new trails.
This doco calls for a Paxman or a Humphrys to get off their bums and find the real seat of power.
As you'd expect from the man who made Elvis doco The Burger and the King, James Marsh's Wisconsin Death Trip (BBC2) had a high quirk factor.
DOCO Regional Federal Credit Union of Georgia announced today that it has partnered with Identity Theft 911 LLC, to offer identity theft protection services to its members.
A great doco that conveys an amazing amount of story and emotion in such a short space of time.
While it's odd seeing the Twin Towers nowadays - such a symbol of tragedy - this is a beautiful, breathtaking doco about a man doing something simply incredible.
After last week's opening episode suggested it might be better retitled 'Squaddies and Slappers', Channel 4's fly on the wall doco Soldier's Town has settled down to a predictable trudge through Essex girl life in the incapable voice-over 'hands' of Phil Daniels.
While it might be the only major doco that was released, it'd be a strong contender in any year - a fascinating look at healthcare in the US, it makes you even more proud of our very own NHS.
It's a doco by a Canadian husband and wife team that asks the question: "Who is Michael Moore?