document deposit

deposit for bidding documents

Monetary deposit required to obtain a set of construction documents and bidding requirements, customarily refunded to bona fide bidders on return of the documents in good condition within a specified time.
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The bid bond contributed in other ways approved by the Employer shall be submitted in the original with the Secretariat at the Purchaser at 8 00-16 00, and include a copy of the offer document deposit.
Patented Solution Now Helps Financial Institutions Document Deposit Accounts, HSAs and IRAs In Addition to Mortgage, Home Equity and Consumer Loans
Robust Features: -- Simple web-based document deposit -- Secure Email document deposit -- Permanent file preservation -- Secure, disaster-proof storage technology -- Easy-to-use document retrieval software -- Manual and automatic secure document sharing -- Independent Irrevocable Trust: No cancelation or loss of service -- Disaster Protection by Location Diversity: Content servers colocated on three continents -- Enterprise-grade Security: Server-side encryption and two-factor login options
and receipt of the document deposit indicated above, the Issuing Office will transmit the Bidding
According to the document deposits of state companies and ministries in the private CCB put the media group of mogul Irena Krasteva in a privileged position compared to other players on the market, distort it and breach EU competition law.
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