document imaging

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document imaging

[′däk·yə·mənt ‚im·ij·iŋ]
(computer science)

document imaging

The online storage, retrieval and management of electronic images of documents. The main method of capturing images is by scanning paper documents.

Document imaging systems replace large paper-intensive operations. Documents can be shared by all users on a network and document routing can be controlled by the computer (workflow). The systems are often simpler to develop and implement than traditional data processing systems, because users are already familiar with the paper documents that appear on screen.

Primarily Graphics
Document images are stored as bitmapped graphics, and although a small amount of text (keywords) may be associated with the document in order to index it, the meaning of the document content is known only to the human viewer, not the computer. Like microfilm, signatures and other original markings remain intact. See document management system.

Document Imaging Takes Storage Space
When a page of text is scanned, it takes up much more storage space than if the text were typed in because each text character takes only one byte of storage. When paper documents are scanned, they are turned into digital pictures. Depending on the resolution required, a scanned page can take 50 times as much storage as the ASCII characters of the text they contain.
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For Western Illinois University, the efficiency gains made the 2001 switch over to a document imaging system from Laserfische worth the effort.
Top-grade document imaging technologies and services are now making a very real difference across campus.
Target candidates for the printing and document imaging certification are expected to be entry- to mid-level technicians with six to twelve months of experience in the installation, connectivity, maintenance and repair and support of devices in the printing and document imaging industry.
Document imaging services under Contract #89099 Index T1818 includes document preparation, scanning standard and oversized documents; document pick-up, inventory and temporary storage of documents to be scanned; indexing; document reassembly; creation of media for use and/or storage of images of scanned documents; creation of media for or microfilming of images of scanned documents; and other associated services.
PowerFile is proud to build a partnership with a value added distributor who offers a broad document imaging technology portfolio, coupled with a special focus on Advanced Technologies and the Versitec Services Team to support complex service needs.
As the number of banks, companies and government institutions implementing Check 21 solutions continues to grow, having a check scanning application that is virtually plug-and-play and instantly compatible--right out of the box--with other software used for item processing will help these customers grow easier and quicker in terms of upgrades to their systems," said Andy Lawrence, worldwide solutions business manager, Document Imaging, Graphic Communications Group, Eastman Kodak Company.
Document imaging is a rapidly growing practice, not only in specific vertical markets such as government, but also in horizontal applications that apply to nearly every business today.
DALLAS -- DocuData Solutions, a leading provider of Document Imaging Outsourcing services and solutions, today announces the acquisition of Walker Imaging Corp.
Tech Data today announced its Document Imaging Specialized Business Unit (SBU) has broadened its extensive imaging hardware and software offerings to include document management solutions from independent software vendors (ISVs) DocuLex Inc.
DALLAS -- DocuData Solutions, a leading provider of Document Imaging Outsourcing services and solutions, today announced it has acquired Southwest Information Technology (SIT) an Austin, Texas-based document imaging technology firm recognized as a leader in imaging services in Central Texas.
These individuals have the expertise to analyze business processes and design appropriate document imaging and management solutions to support their customers' needs.

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