document scanner

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document scanner

An optical scanner geared to office documents rather than photographs. Also called "office scanners," "enterprise scanners" and "business scanners," desktop models have automatic document feeders that can scan in the range of approximately 15 to 100 pages per minute. Such units are rated in pages per minute (ppm) or impressions per minute (ipm) if both sides of the page are scanned simultaneously. "Personal document scanners" are low-speed, portable models that accept one sheet of paper at a time.

Images or Text
The output of document scanners may remain as images within a document management system, but many applications require that the characters on the pages be converted into ASCII text for manipulation in word processing and other programs. Most document scanners come bundled with optical character recognition (OCR) software for the computer that provides the conversion from visual character images to ASCII text. See scanner, ASCII and OCR.

Enterprise Scanner
Designed for transcribing volumes of paper documents to computer text, enterprise scanners have high-capacity document feeders.

Portable Scanner
Personal document scanners are very portable, but work with one sheet of paper at a time and are not designed for high speed.
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In addition, Panasonic's KV-S1046C-V document scanner is certified with Kofax[R] VirtualReScan[R] (VRS) Elite software that automatically applies proper scan settings and cleans scanned images.
Plustek Inc, a leading innovative provider of document scanners, announced today that the company's PL3000 ADF Document Scanner has been fully tested on Hyland's OnBase 5.
RemoteScan(R) is the first generic bridge between document scanners and document management software.
Often included only with high-end scanners, the TWAIN interface is standard on Epson's entire line of document scanners, and the WorkForce DS-30 is the only portable business document scanner on the market to include both TWAIN and one-touch scan-to-cloud capabilities.
Meeting the needs of our customers is paramount across our entire scanner line and the DR-C130 document scanner is a prime example, providing an advanced document capture solution," said Sam Yoshida vice president, Marketing, Business Imaging Solutions, Canon U.
National Distributor of ECM Technologies Now Offers Entire Epson Document Scanner Line to VARs, System Integrators, Service Bureaus, and OEDs
San Diego, a supplier of forms processing and business automation solutions, and the Document Imaging division of Eastman Kodak Company, the number one worldwide supplier of high-speed production document scanners, have announced the certification of Cardiff TELEform v7 to support all Kodak production document scanners equipped with Perfect Page scanning technology.
Cranel Imaging's portfolio includes a full range of industry specific software applications, document scanners, imaging processing equipment and online storage.
Headquartered in Chicago's Northwest suburbs, Bell & Howell offers a full line of document scanners designed to meet the needs of a variety of scanning applications in a range of paper-intensive industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, legal services and transportation.
The Fujitsu fi Series document scanners for professional desktop applications, workgroups and production environments now come equipped with Fujitsu s latest PaperStream software.
3: delivery of document scanners for the needs of the sofia municipality;

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