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dodo, extinct bird


a flightless forest-dwelling bird of Mauritius, extinct since the late 17th cent. The dodo was closely related to the two species of solitaire bird, extinct flightless giants found on the other islands in the Mascarene Islands. Although related to the pigeonpigeon,
common name for members of the large family Columbidae, land birds, cosmopolitan in temperate and tropical regions, characterized by stout bodies, short necks, small heads, and thick, heavy plumage.
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, the dodo was larger than the wild turkey. The plumage was dark gray with a whitish breast, tail, and wings, and the large black bill had a horny terminal cap. The dodo laid only one egg at a time, on the ground. Although the bird's flesh was tough and unpalatable, European sailors and the pigs and rats they brought to Mauritius slaughtered the birds and destroyed its eggs, and it became extinct in roughly 50 years. The dodo appears in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, where it may be the author's surrogate.

Dodo, in the Bible


(dō`dō), in the Bible, father of the mighty man EleazarEleazar
, in the Bible.

1 Son of Aaron.

2 Keeper of the Ark of the Covenant.

3 Mighty man of David.

4 Man in the genealogy in the first chapter of the Gospel of St. Matthew.
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. An alternate form is Dodai.


A rectangular groove cut across the grain of a board.
(vertebrate zoology)
Raphus calcullatus. A large, flightless, extinct bird of the family Raphidae.


large, flightless bird exterminated on Mauritius. [Ecology: Wallechinsky, 131]


any flightless bird, esp Raphus cucullatus, of the recently extinct family Raphidae of Mauritius and adjacent islands: order Columbiformes (pigeons, etc.). They had a hooked bill, short stout legs, and greyish plumage
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Beth Shapiro of Oxford University (UK) and The Pennsylvania State University (USA) collected, in cooperation with the staff of the Mauritius Museums Council, additional samples from previous excavations on Mauritius for ancient DNA studies, including a sample of the one-and-only entirely complete skeleton of the dodo exhibited at the Natural History Museum of Mauritius.
And much to the delight of everyone, or at least me, the staff revealed that a group of scientists in London are currently attempting to clone a Dodo from DNA that was discovered on the island.
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It is dark and stark but there is a grand magnificence about the oddly marked oval of unearthliness taking pride of place between the dinosaur footprints, dodo bones and towering moa skeleton.
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