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dog racing,

trials of speed between dogs. Now contested on oval tracks, the sport developed from the ancient practice of coursing, in which specially trained dogs chase game animals in the open field. Whippets chased live rabbits until the protests of humane groups had the practice outlawed. Artificial hares, first tried in 1876 in England, eventually became standard and greyhounds, accustomed to hunting by sight and sound rather than by smell, replaced whippets. The sport became popular in the United States in the 1930s when some states permitted wagering. Dog tracks are popular in Florida, Massachusetts, and some western states as well as in England, Ireland, Australia, Spain, and Indonesia.
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Over the past decade, gambling on dog racing and greyhound breeding has declined by 66 percent and 57 percent, respectively.
That means it's a given that there would be no live racing at The Lodge at Belmont, which under two different owners now has been seeking an out on offering live dog racing.
Although this type of discussion has tended to center on reforms rather than outright banning of horse racing, Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs Social Survey, conducted the weekend after the Derby, shows that 38% of Americans express support for the idea of banning horse and dog racing altogether.
Staff also cooked food to sell at work and held a dog racing night.
She ran her first race when she was 11, won her first race when she was 12 and last year she raced in her first World Cup event and became the youngest person in the history of sled dog racing to complete a 500-mile race.
For the dog racing application to be successful, it needs to be granted planning permission for restoration work and to reach an agreement on the stadium's lease.
But Racing Post chief greyhound correspondent Jonathan Kay said the sale raised immediate concerns for the future of the dogs at Hall Green, a popular venue for dog racing in Birmingham since 1927.
I AM writing regarding "Application made to bring dog racing back to Brandon Stadium" (Telegraph, January 7) If dog racing resumes at Brandon Stadium, certain attendees will have nothing to celebrate.
HANS GATT ON TRAINING: Hans is a multiple champion in all disciplines of sled dog racing, including sprint, mid-distance, stage, and long distance.
Live dog racing may soon be out of the picture in New Hampshire, but whether it will fade away or be forced out remains to be seen.
Question 3 asks voters to approve the prohibition of dog racing that involves betting or wagering on the speed or ability of dogs.
Animal rights: Horse racing, dog racing, bull fighting, cockfighting, bull riding, cow-chip tossing, the Iditarod, fishing derbies, polo, Olympic equestrian, monkey croquet, snake charming, rat poisoning and dogs playing poker.